Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A very British summer

Is this shoot not a hoot? Please leave a comment below otherwise I'll think I'm talking to myself (again)

This is an unprecedented summer to celebrate all things British, kicking off with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, England's place in the European Championships (OK, we got to the quarter finals, enough said), Wimbledon, cricket and of course the Olympics.

So we teamed up with 3 Little Bees who design custom childrenswear including these fabulous appliqu├ęd tshirts and the vintage inspired Union Jack bunting. Each piece has been lovingly handmade by designer Candi Meadows. Please spend a moment looking through her store via the link.

A cup of rosy lee
For the non Brits amongst us, "rosy lee" is the Cockney rhyming slang for tea. A cockney is someone born within the sound of Bow Bells of the historic St Mary-le-Bow church in East London and officially, that's me though not my ancestry as I'm the first England-born soul in my family's tree. According to tradition, a true Cockney must be born within earshot of the sound of the church's bells. Sadly, as in this recent BBC article, true cockneys may never be born again due to ambient noise levels. And the significance of the bells "In 1392 Dick Whittington heard Bow bells call him back to London to become Lord Mayor". Have a read here


ellen howe said...

as allwasy great pics

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lovely-such adorable boys,and great pics!!