Monday, June 11, 2012

Us Weekly - Los Angeles Child Photographer

Us weekly, because this just felt representative of our days in the sun together, by the beach in Santa Monica whilst Reuben's at school, here caught with the self timer.

In the pub in Santa Monica, moments from here on the cliff top for the England game, absolutely throbbing. I missed the goal on account of blowing on Callum's chips at that precise moment. 

Popped into the Ye Olde King's Head shop for the Daily Mail (Jubilee edition), Walkers salt n vinegar crisps, a Crunchie and some home made bakewell tarts from the Tudor House across the road. The latter is sadly closing after 50 years due to the struggles in the market. So would it be exceptionally greedy to scoff the lot in one day? 

Then a short stroll along the Bluffs overlooking the beach, Callum asleep in the back, met Tracy at Reuben's school to catch up on things and now Kristina's home with the boys after Reuben's OT. Skipping out in a moment to photograph a gorgeous two month old Miss M for an album I'm making for the family.

Got use the self timer a little more. Even snaps like this in which we're all off out of camera can be given a little Photoshop magic and be brought back to life. I'll always say you can't fix a bad photo in PS, though sometimes I do disagree with myself on that one. I can't possibly divulge all the magic here!

It's Monday and that means nurse Kristina day, yay! Callum sneaks in on the action with Reu and gets a break from me too.

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