Monday, April 29, 2013

Reuben's birthday May 2

If you have a special message to send Reuben for his 6th birthday on May 2nd, we'd love to hear. I feel very touched that each year we've treasured messages from all over the World.

It's my dear friend Kristina's re-reading of this blog which comprises 1,071 blog entries, going back to the first moment of pregnancy, that has again brought me to reflect not only on the terrible pain and hardships, but more importantly on Reuben's resilience to ride the storms. I know he is touched by his past and his positive happy disposition may be peppered with moments of reflection and knowledge of his past and he will feel saddened by it. But overwhelmingly, he is a happy, intelligent, proud, loving and an utterly sociable boy.

The last year has been pretty momentous in terms of what he's achieved and I'm excited to share more on the year's highlights soon on this blog.

We always celebrate the now. Reuben surely teaches us that.

So please do share your comments, birthday wishes and insights. It will mean a great deal now and in the years to come.

Thank you
Catherine ❤

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Calyn said...

Happy Birthday Reuben!!! You are so, so smart. I am so impressed by your reading skills and signing skills. You are also so handsome:) I hope your birthday is awesome and I hope you get spoiled!!!

ralfefarfars paradis said...

Best wishes for Reubens birthday!! Our eldest son is also six. I love your photos, and seeing Reuben reminds me of what our little boy could have been like..I hope this year will be a good one for Reuben.
Greetings from Anne Lene (who lives in norway)

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday dearest Reuben from New York City! New Yorkers love to think of themselves as very tough and resilient and you sound like you'd fit in PERFECTLY! Come visit the Big Apple any time you like! xoxoxoox - Carrie

Nursie Jenn and a very special friend to you as well as your younger brother Callum and to your Mama... said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you Reuben -- we love you very much.... been with Reuben since he was a 17 & half months old as one of the two long term Nurses with comforts to the family and a "backbone" as his "mum" Mama Catherine have verbally said to me before... been his primary Nurse at home health at most for his Respiratory and G.I. care with Nurse's comforts/care.... Reuben has become a family-like... great brave Reu' you took a piece of my heart ... Plenty big hugs and great Birthday wishes for you coming your way plenty more .... We love Reu' .....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Reuben!
It was such a pleasure to meet you and your brother in April. I love California and I'm there nearly every year so chances are, we will meet again :-) I hope that your day is filled with everything and everyone that you love. God bless,
Jennifer x x

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday Reuben, you are such a wonderful boy and I'm so honoured to be able to follow your journey. Love from all of us in Scotland.
Elaine, Jim , Elise & Jack Murray-Bell xxx