Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Healthy kale pizza : Los Angeles Family Photographer

Fresh organic kale with a sprinkle of home grown basil and rosemary

Fresh organic tomatoes on organic pizza base

A dollop of vodka sauce on one!

Generous shakings of Italian bought parmesan

Oven roasted red onions and sweet potatoes with balsamic vinegar

Do you think he went a little overboard on the red chili flakes?

Brought back from Italy, the best parmigiano-reggiano

Add some balsamic vinegar to the kale before adding to the pizza. Wow, how amazing will the kale be once it's oven roasted!

Feta cheese is a great compliment to the crunch of the kale

There are worse things in the world to be addicted to than kale. 
Pizza on the other hand, well that's up for debate.

And yes, this tasted just fabulous.

PS Next time I'll remember to capture the finished pizzas!

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