Monday, November 20, 2006

Pregnancy week 15: Test results are in

Erica’s book asks: “What exercise did you do before pregnancy?”, the response being nil in the last 12 months and “What exercise are you doing now?”. Ditto.
All I know is that I'm struggling to look any food straight in the face, let alone eat it. This part is thoroughly miserable, bordering on depressing. I feel incapacitated by the inability to actually do anything during the day unless there's someone here, first my mum, then my sister in law Lisa, to force feed me. I thought it would have eased up by now, and if not, when?
But here I am. This is what I've dreamed of for 6 years through abdominal surgery for fibroids, endless disappointments over poor eggs, broken tubes and more fibroid growth, 2 failed ICSIs and then success on our 3rd ICSI. But I couldn't have imagined it would be so tough on me physically. I've dealt with a lot of physical pain over the years along with the emotional pain of clinical depression, and like that, this nausea hangs over me day after day. There seems to be no respite. I can drink orange juice which the ob/gyn was surprised about given the acidity and Starburst sweets yet they are full of colourings when there I was all through IVF trying to eat organic. At the moment, it's a case of stuff it, they're the best I can get down and give some temporary relief.
My nuchal scan probability result finally came back after 2 weeks. An appalling wait really. 1:1,400 chance of Downs and a 1:10,000 chance of Trisomy 20 so this is indeed fantastic news. Our Ob/gyn appointment last week showed Boo's heart beating at 130-140bpm. How reassuring is that! Some spotting on Thursday but I think that could have been from another source although it did send me into a panic and I called the on duty Dr.
After rejecting the call for CVS a couple of weeks ago from the fertilty Dr and now an amnio, I'll be having the triple scan with an expert in foetal medicine next week to test for spina bifida and other chromosomal problems.
We may have won the battle too on having to pay the $3,200 initial share of the Ob/gyn's care up front. Can you imagine that in the UK? Paying for delivery at 4 months? We pleaded poverty which isn't too far from the truth and are delaying paying the bill.
I am finally signed off the progesterone and oestrogen after 15 weeks on the things.
Would like to say I celebrated my 38th birthday on 17 November, but after 6 long distance calls including finally telling Anne Pike in Sydney, I was so exhausted that I spent the remainder of the day from 2pm in bed and didn't get beyond my bed/bath all day. Jason arrived back with more presents for me after his morning extravagance; a fantastic Leica digital camera with a special "baby" setting. I'm an avid photographer so this was a wonderful gift from him. Handing a huge box over to me in my impending state of nausea, I had to get him to unwrap it for me as I felt so bad. The box was full of stuffing that I didn't have the energy to get past. How truly pathetic. We did however, manage to get to see The Queen and Casino Royale at the weekend, the majority of which, once again, was spent in bed.
Perhaps I'm exhausted from the nearly 6 weeks solid of house guests in our one bed flat and the wonderful trips to San Fran, Vegas, the national parks and all the tourist spots in LA from Malibu to Hollywood. Took the nephews to see James Blunt (bad) supported by my favourites Starsailor last week and got a big kiss from James Walsh, Starsailor's lead singer although Jason tells me I look old enough to be his mum.
Boo’s length 9 ½ cm, weight 80g (2 ¾oz)

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