Monday, January 8, 2007

Pregnancy week 22: The Glaswegian gift – a stinking cold

Left the UK today after a pretty sick but wonderful weekend with Anne-Marie in Bournemouth. So lovely to share my joy of pregnancy with her! Aurora was away skiing with Anthony but I guess that meant we could take turns alternating between looking after each other with hot honey and lemon drinks for our colds (contracted a bad one on New Year's Day after walking around in hailstorms in Glasgow). Lovely to see Maggie and Dougie in Edinburgh and that city never fails to amaze me with its beauty and history. Body quite clearly unable to cope with pregnancy, mending the cold and digesting food at the same time.
Boo moving much more, swishes, kicks, hiccups, me being sick again (cousin Laura's remedy of chicken soup did not hang around for too long). Kind of freaky in a way and not sure I liked the sensation at first (of the kicks, not the being sick) but Jason reassured me that I'd feel scared if I wasn't feeling anything.
Last night at Steph’s and a complete lack of sleep meant I slept most of the way back in my lovely business flat bed. A happy ending so it felt at the airport, perhaps because I know I’ll be back in London in a month. Two lovely cabin crew girls giving me tablets and milk for heartburn and then sent me off with a bottle of champagne for Boo's arrival! Really made me glow!
Boo’s length 19cm, weight 460g (1lb)

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