Monday, January 15, 2007

Pregnancy week 23: Lost point on my compass

Spent the last week being incapable of doing anything beyond sleeping and nursing my cold. Been pretty miserable from it but it's all part of the readjustment too. "Lost a point in my compass", yes, that's how it feels sometimes.
Coughing seems to have caused some muscle strain and thus the jabbing feelings. Scan on Monday and everything's looking good which is a relief. Best get these niggles checked out early on.
Boo's latest achievement, kicking down into my cervix! Oh no Boo, get out of there. I managed to renegotiate his position and make him realise he wasn't welcome kicking around with my bits. Kicks still feeling like bubbles bursting inside. When does Boo sleep as the kicking seems to be so regular now...
My weight 175lbs. Blood pressure 122/66. Fundal height 24cm

Boo’s length 20cm, weight 540g (1lb 3oz)

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