Monday, February 12, 2007

Pregnancy week 27: He who kicks and delights me every day

And so begins the third trimester. I’m 180lbs and Boo’s heart beats at 140bpm. Boo is now kicking above my belly button which thrills me. I'm finally, cautiously, buying baby things along with the Mamas & Papas pram in “ice” and the car seat I hauled back by myself from the UK since Jason left a few days earlier and the delivery was all too late. Problem is I just melted when I saw Jason with it and just had to have it!

And so I laid the things out on the bed and just burst into tears because I realised that I wouldn't be giving these things away, they were for our Boo who kicks and delights me every day. It's hard to describe the feeling of having a stolen future given back to us.

My weight 180lbs. Blood pressure 128/70. Fundal height 28cm.

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