Monday, February 5, 2007

Pregnancy week 26: Beeble a Boo ba

I’m feeling Boo now, kicking around inside and having fun with it. What a truly wondrous feeling it is. I agree with Erica that if we were to feel the sudden jolts, swishes and kicks outright, they would indeed be rather unnerving, but the gradual rise in intensity as Boo grows inside, is a beautiful feeling.

Naval gazing has become my favourite occupation. Will our little Boo look back on these writings in years to come and laugh at mummy’s sentimentality? I guess so.

Last week’s new symptom appearing to join the crowd that is a collection of heartburn, inflammation under my ribs and pain to my inner thigh. I was sitting watching Sherrybaby with Jason when suddenly my right calf went into a spasm of cramps which made me cry out. Not just uncomfortable, but downright painful. I pulled my leg off the sofa and then the pain subsided as quickly as it had started. I need to start doing some regular exercise. Anne-Marie is right.

I took Jason to Janie & Jack and together we chose some lovely babygros, diddy socks and 0-3, 3-6 or later clothes. And we thoroughly enjoyed Camille’s 1st birthday party and meeting other mums to be. A joyous time. I’m so proud of my bump.

Still trying to resolve the issue of these medical bills and not paying the “global fee”.

But the greater challenge right now is in choosing a name for Boo. It’s funny how friends have adopted the name Boo and I think you’ll always be my little Boo. You’ve given me such great happiness and fulfillment that I can barely describe. I feel whole. I long to meet you and see your face, but maybe I shall wait until you are born for the latter rather than having another scan in 4D.

Last night we thought about Luca and Reuben or Luca Reuben. Jason still loves Steve and I agree it’s a cool name, but I’m reticent of it now through sensitivity to Anne-Marie. If you are a girl, you’ll be Ava Immaculee. Gregory and Gregor will always be precious names to me too but Jason won’t have them and I want him to love the name. Douglas is a great name but sadly out of the picture: Douglas Dodd. Dougie Dodd. Joseph's a cool name, Dad's and my brother's name.

My text to Jason today read “Things I want Boo to inherit from you: Optimism. Humour. Kindness. Compassion. Honour. Integrity. Legs. Smile”. There are indeed many qualities I could add to the list but I’d give daddy a big head and modesty is one of the qualities I’ve left out so we can’t have that going awry.

Nothing makes me smile more now than thinking about you, dreaming about your future and how I’ll be as your mummy. Nothing makes me happier than to feel your kicks inside and the ripples I now see roll across my belly as you move. It is beyond a miracle. What sensations do you like? The sound of Virgin Radio? The fall of warm water on my belly in the shower? The body lotion and soft massage afterwards? The sound of tapping on my keyboard? Do you recognize my voice, daddy’s voice? Does the amniotic fluid really taste so bad? Can you see the light by the side of my bed and do you shield your eyes from it? What do you always spring to life when I lie in bed on my left side?

I love you little Boo. You’ve made me so happy.

Boo’s length 23cm, weight 820g (1lb 14oz)

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