Monday, March 5, 2007

Pregnancy week 30: Nesting begins

After a week of complete rest, am back to my old self again. Last week was quite an emotional rollercoaster for me, old fears coming back to haunt me.

I spent much of the week back in the apartment as a result, only venturing out with Sandrine to an exhibition Downtown.

We took Boo to "see" Snow Patrol and he slept all the way through, not a kick. Saturday was spent walking around Venice Beach where I swear, on seeing the Hari Krishnas again, my Braxton Hicks kicked in again. There's something about those guys in orange. In the evening, we saw Midlake at the Troubadour, a band which make Keane look like thrash metal.

We're closing to finalising Boo's name, although you'll always be my little Boo. That name represents so much for me, it shall be hard to let go.

Nesting instincts are in full flow, trying to work out the best nappies, booking in to see Dr Bo tomorrow, writing lists of everything.
The c-section will be by an epidural and after the myomectomy horrors, Dr Bo has a meticulous birth plan involving pain relief and infection control at every stage. Apparently it's good to present the plan in a basket of goodies for the nurses. I think I'll need something stronger than a few cream eggs for them though.
My weight 178lbs. Blood pressure 120/72. Fundal height 30cm

Boo’s length 27cm, weight 1.3k (1lb 13oz)

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