Monday, March 5, 2007

Pregnancy week 31: Pregnancy Privileges

So, since my recent posts have been about being sick sick sick… I’ll try to address the balance here by talking about the finer things in life associated with pregnancy, what I shall hereby coin as “Pregnancy Privileges.”

Friday, saw Razorlight in concert at another of LA’s wonderful Art Deco theatres. After a good 2hr sleep before we left, followed by Jason scraping me out of bed knowing that we had to be there at 8pm despite the lead band not coming on til 11pm (no public transport so last tube home rule doesn't apply), I can't say I was up for another night of gigging.

Skipping the queue outside (bump firmly out in front), we explained our situation with another couple of friends, she being 12wks pregnant, and were escorted to the VIP lounge upstairs with comfy sofas and waitressed tables overlooking the stage like royal boxes.

Courtney Love (must have been here) was sitting next to us, stoned and fawning over the band and seemingly still morning Kurt. We were just in awe at having the best seats in the house in an already intimate venue. It was like watching a band in your living room, such is the plethora of fabulous gig venues in LA that stem from the heady days of Hollywood's golden era theatres.

The waitress brought us some champagne and snacks and we watched as Razorlight’s lead (how they could fit his head on the stage, I’ll never know), did a Jim Morrison-type rendition on In the Sea, stripping off his top and showing his rather remarkable torso, only matched by his remarkable voice.

In the loo queue, Courtney was leaning over the sick very worse for wear by this time (hope I won't be done for libel) and a girl suddenly exclaimed in the direction of Boo "Oh wow, that's SO cute, you're almost there".

The whole experience was rather surreal. I swear I'll miss my bump so much when Boo's out and about. I guess I'll just have to wear one of those pads you get in baby stores.

Anyway, the music for delivery is all sorted: hedging our bets against the pre-determined sex, we'll have my 2 favourite songs: Abba's Dancing Queen and Don Henley's Boys of Summer all ready to go on the Ipod during the cesarean. One for each sex.

Saturday was spent at BabiesRU finalizing the list for my baby shower on 1 April (there’s a great system here, you scan the store for things you like and friends bring those gifts along on the day… rather nice hey, if not commercial, but hey, who needs 12 teddies as in 12 toasters on your wedding day?). We picked up the early essentials too like the changing pad and a great “diaper bag” which I’ll fill this week with Boo’s toiletries (cost me a blooming fortune in Aveeno, breast pads, breast milk storage…!).

Sunday was glorious and was spent on the beach in Malibu, sitting on the storm berm which was surprisingly comfortable (I wasn’t actually aware that it was going to be 84F and felt somewhat out of place in a long summer dress whilst others lay in their bikinis talking breast jobs). But enjoyed a lovely nap and walk all the same. Boo is getting so big that resting my hands under said bump made a welcome relief.

Boo’s length 27½ cm, weight 1½k (3lb 4oz)

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