Monday, April 23, 2007

Pregnancy week 37: Feeling daunted about being Boo’s mummy

Starting to feel a little daunted about the prospect of being a mummy, eh, next week. Will I know what to do? How will I cope with the tiredness? How quickly will I recover from the surgery? There are of course a million other things to worry about such as will Boo be healthy and happy, but if I started worrying about much beyond the immediate right now, I’d never get to sleep.

We spent the weekend spring cleaning the apartment, the patio doors, the oven, the bathroom and finishing things off at home. Jason worked particularly hard as I’m on half capacity at best.

Our final appointment with Dr Bo will be tomorrow, a chance to iron out any last minute questions.

This week I plan to get the photos sorted from the shoot and bring out the cameras, master the Leica and the video camera.

Boo is full term today and clearly ready to come out. He kicks all the time, as if the rhythm of blabbalib. I love Jason to feel the kicks too, resting his hand on my belly. It’s a lovely bonding experience.

Saturday we did the maternity plaster cast, no great artistic achievement with the lumpy bits, but then I’m too much of a perfectionist anyway. I hope it will sand down well and look good when painted.

So we're taking Boo to see Jet on Wednesday and then slipping in Travis on Sunday, 3 days before Boo joins us in the outside world on 2nd May.

Made me think how funny it is what you can still do when they're inside, all warm and cosy and how things are going to change for us next week. After 16 yrs of the twosome that is Jason and me, from Jason approaching me as a bold finalist at Fresher's Fair at London University, through first living in LA in the mid 90s, marriage 10 years ago next month, London life in Richmond, living in Florida, the long and winding 6yr road of infertility in our 30s, moving back to LA, it's but 9 days til Boo joins us and my 11-9am sleep pattern changes forever. I can feel my eyes welling up at the thought as they contradict my smiling cheeks.

Had a huge rant on the phone to Sears regarding the washing machine not working properly at Dover Road, after I was passed from pillar to post, only to discover in situ that I’d actually bought the washer from Lowes, not Sears.

All looking well after the final check up with Dr Bo, although Shtarica discovered I missed out on the glucose test at 28 weeks for diabetes and there’s little point in having it now. We let it go. I’m sure if there was a problem, we’d know. There’s a great heavy pressure on my lower abdomen now, which makes the transition from sitting down to standing, or heaven forbid, walking, quite monumental. It certainly eases overnight so my night time loo visits aren’t so tough. Am sleeping great again.

Daddy’s making your birth CD next door, darling Boo.
My weight 188lbs. Blood pressure 122/72. Fundal height 38cm.
Boo’s weight 2.7k (5lb 14oz)

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