Monday, April 30, 2007

Pregnancy week 38: ‘’Driftwood’’ to ‘’Sing, sing, sing’’

Went to see huge Oz band Jet on Wednesday... tiny venue, about 300 people. Pregnancy privileges once again came up trumps. Let in before the venue opened and had seats overlooking stage in the pub like venue, The Troubadour. Good half hour of watching the crew put the stage together and no one else around. Hilarious and surreal. Have decided will have to stuff clothes with pillows to continue enjoy such privileges in the future.

Jet were seriously rocking, seriously loud and seriously good fun. And yes, it’s that dress from Erica again!

Boo fast asleep all the way through til 'Are you gonna be my girl'. Must've recognised that one from the all the frequent play at home!

Home in 17mins door to door from Hollywood to the marina... amazing.

All the big UK bands from the Kaisers to the Fratellis, are in town for the Coachella desert festival this weekend plus all the big globals like the Chilis, Killers etc. Boo will just have to wait til next Spring for Coachella!

My c-section is on 2 May at 730am LA time or 330pm UK time so by about 735am... I guess Boo will be out in our World.

So this is to say... thanks so much to all of you who've shared my journey before conception and through the highs and lows of pregnancy after fertility issues.

The gig last night, Travis, was a fantastic experience and a grand summary to this journey taken. From the ''Driftwood'' of 6 years of infertility, surgeries and IVFs to ''Sing! Sing! Sing!''. How much my life has turned around. Music has always been such a support to me and never could those two songs have meant more, have encapsulated what it is I've experienced and felt, the unbridled joy of ''Sing'' expressing how I truly feel now on the eve of this monumental occasion.

I danced so much my ligaments are suffering today. Big smiles on our faces and sore cheeks the likes you feel on your wedding day when you can’t stop smiling from the euphoria. I’ll miss carrying you about inside me Boo, your little kicks and swishes, you sleeping soundly at rock concerts (particularly at the rocking Jet gig last week). And last night, Jason and I knew, after 16 years of twosome, that this would be the last time we would be out enjoying ourselves without thinking of our beautiful baby sleeping at home.

Never could the term happiness from within be more apt.

My weight 188lb

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