Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nana Lacey meeting Reuben

Here's mum meeting Reuben for the first time, delighted to do so. She's been such a great support since her arrival, emotional support, love, wisdom and the practicalities of feeding us, ironing, cleaning... well everything that mum does best. A real Godsend. We have our little routine in the morning before heading to the hospital. It's hard to imagine how I'd cope without her.
I capture mum and Reuben on video as they meet for the first time. Mum has tears in her eyes as she approaches him, struggles with the cot side and eventually strokes his face and chunky thighs. He has a luminous quality about it, so very beautiful. I call him Stinky Zuzu, Reube Roo and Boo. His lips purse forward as he sleeps in gentle rthymn, bubbles forming in his mouth as they do. His skin is perfection, not a birthmark in sight.

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