Thursday, June 21, 2007

Coming home 22 June

Cardio called yesterday and were flying a red flag regarding his CoA (coartation of the aorta), a further narrowing. This combined with the PS (pulminary stenosis, narrowing) and the VSD (ventricular septal defect/hole/murmur) is causing pressure on Reuben's respiratory motion.

Yesterday we were all set for the bypass cardio surgeries going ahead before discharge, but today, after a cardio conference, my little sweet love will be discharged on 22 June with a pulse oximiter, a nasal cannular, oxygen tanks, a suction machine, an apnea monitor, a nebuliser and a feeding pump. His lungs require further maturation before he can undergo bypass heart surgery.

Mixed feelings. We are wisely frightened and how we will sleep, I've no idea, but
... he's coming home.


Yuka said...

"wisely frightened" is a brilliant juxtaposition of words. Not discounting any of the concerns - it is no less wonderful that your little man is going home! Congratulations to enjoying him in the peace and love of your own home. The neonatal unit is an important and vital place. Making it a normal part of one's life is in itself draining and taxing on personal reserves. We are delighted to help however we can. Hurrah! delicious Reuben will be home!!!

Ericap said...

Congratulations on bringing your son home you two! Now you can find some peace away from the distractions of the neonatal unit and Reuben will himself enjoy seeing mummy and daddys' face first, each morning when he wakes up. I know that it is going to hard, with monitors, equipment, pumps etc and you will be busy but the hospital must have great faith in Reubens' medical stability and your abilities, to be happy to send him home until his heart operation. Enjoy him now at home.

Lisa said...

I hope that you will be able to get some nursing care set up to help you or that you have friends/family who can give you some respite. Enjoy him at home - I found things so much nicer after almost four long months in hospital when Kennedy was born. You can do it! Wishing you much love, strength and very few false alarm beeps at night.
Love from Canada~

ellen charge said...

hey its me ellen im a charge from the list hugs to u all

christina said...

Dear Catherine,

I am thinking of your little son every day and following the long way the three of you have to go. He looks so cute in his mummy-shirt!
It is good to read that Reuben is coming home for the firt time. I hope you can enjoy tis precious moment and get a rest beeing no longer all the day in hospital.

Big hugs