Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home sweet home!

Hello all, our beloved boy Reuben is home!

Thank you so much Anne Gleeson, Reuben's primary nurse at CHLA, for looking after Reuben, for your wisdom, devotion and dedication to a great profession. And thank you for the beautiful Prince Charming frog which Reuben cuddled all the way home.

Thanks to our nephews Mitch & Josh for making such a wonderful welcome home sign, which, funnily enough, can be seen from Children's Hospital which is in Hollwood. I'll ask the nurses to look out the window.

Such a monumental day. Reuben's first car journey, his first walk on the beach, his first trip in the stroller along the Venice canals with mummy, daddy, grandad and nanna fighting over who would wheel him.

I'm able to tap away here now because our home nurse fell asleep and Jason abruptly sent her packing so he did the 12-5am watch and here I am after shift change, watching my beautiful boy (kisses lined up for those lips) awaking as the midsummer morning light filters through.

I'll write more when the happiest feelings ever have begun to set in. I'm watching him now, thinking back to the days when I dared to dream he would be home with us. Only now is it a gorgeous reality.



Ericap said...

Reuben is home, congratulations!! What a wonderful, upliving feeling to see all together, outside of the NICU in the California sunshine. Jason said that Reuben is taking in all the new sights and sensations, how exciting for him and for you both. We are so, so happy for you, a momumental day, bringing your son home. Enjoy waking up to your son in the morning.

Yuka said...

Congratulations! What a lovely sight to see you, Jason and your parents taking Reuben for a stroll! It couldn't have been a more beautiful day! You've weathered the first night - and had your first firing of a nurse! Well done! You are veterans of home care now! You have taken on these unexpected circumstances with such grace and willingness. Everything is beautiful in your hands. I am so proud of you and so so happy for you all! Love, Yuka

Lisa said...

Congratulations on getting him home - the pictures look lovely. Good for Jason for giving that nurse the boot! I hope some better ones are available soon. Take care and enjoy your boy...

auntie lisa said...

Hey there , what a fantastic first day out as a family for you all, how reuben is changing and growing up so much , i guess he is filling out , due to those lovely cute cubby cheeks, love from all to all as always xx , p.s. how is new nurse ?

Laura said...

Great news that Reuben is home, hope he's settling in ok.
What a happy picture of you, Jason & the pram.
So pleased for you that Reuben is home.
Cousin Laura XXXXXXXXXx

abby said...

So glad to hear that Reuben is home safe and sound. He is adorable and I hope I get the chance to meet him soon. I'm so happy for you both.

Lori said...

Congratulations on Reuben's homecoming. I hope that he will love being in his home with his Mommy and Daddy. Please do not hesitate to call if you need anything from me. I know that I am in Georgia, but my prayers are heard from here. He is a beautiful little boy. God Bless you all. Lori Pullen - I work with Jason.

UndercoverPete said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful day and I'm sure you're full to the brim with magical emotions. With such an journal of medical terms surrounding little Reuben its comforting to know the doctors feel confident in your abilities and his well being. It must feel wonderful to finally be able to push him around in his pram and I'm sure you gain great pleasure in the simplest things that are the reward of your own children. We're all thinking and praying for all of you over here. Best wishes, love from Nicki, Pete, Corrin and Hannah.

theworgans said...

Catherine and Jason such good news that you now have Rueben home. I remember well all the paraphanalia that comes with it - all the machines and such - but just like all the other stuff you take it in your stride and soon it all seems just so normal. You look so happy and the little one is gorgeous. Remember to look after yourselves as well. It is all to easy to get caught up in everything you want to do for Rueben and exhaust yourself doing it - try to take a little time for each other too - it will keep you strong.
Will be thinking of you checking the blog to see how you are doing.
much love Dawn, Mark, Alex & Ellie
PS You may or may not see this but we found the canula made little noses quite dry and had a humidifier by the bed which really helped.

Kirsty B said...

We are SO happy for you guys. Your gorgeous photos have warmed our hearts and we draw such strength from you. Reuben is home with his very special parents and we can't wait to see you all and meet Reuben!!
We love you loads K xxxx

Lorna said...

Hey Guys,

What a momentous day for you all!!

Reuben looks great ~ Bless him..

He has been through so much in such a short while, and how good to be home with him and out of NICU and able to smell that wonderful fresh air!

We are both so thrilled for you all

Pictures look fab and you both look very happy!

Lorna, John & Katie xx