Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy 6 month birthday Reuben! A photo a day

Coming soon.. the photographic journey. No nurse again tonight so that'll give me some time to work on it whilst I sit up with Reuben.

Happy 6th month birthday our beautiful sweet boy!

When I first planned on photographing our baby every day for the first year, it was with plans of delicately capturing imperceptible growth, minute changes on a daily basis, which somehow culminate in a wonderful change by the end of 365 days. How does a baby grow? I would capture the first smile, the curl of the toes, the flick of the eyelashes. Each of the milestones at the appropriate time.

That was the plan. Yet "this life is more than just a read through" and since things never quite work out the way we anticipate in life, the reality of this project has been that I've captured a brave, sweet boy who really puts me to shame. It's turned into a journal of intense medical intervention and looking back now through 6 months, it's hard to remember that it was 7 weeks in the NICU, 3 weeks home, 3 months in the PICU and 2 weeks home. Those endless days in hospital blur into one long day (the happiest worst days of our lives) and if it weren't for the fact that much of what happened is recorded here, I would find it difficult to believe, let alone, remember it all.

If you'd like to take the photographic journey, a photo a day, I'll stick it up here very soon.


ellen charge said...

id love to c the journal a photo a day uve all come a long way and id like to congratulate u on that reuban couldntdo it with out you two the most wonderful parents he could ask for hugs ellen

Kristi said...

Happy 6 months to you!!!
Happy 6 months to you!!!
Happy 6 months dear Reuuuuubennnnn!
Happy 6 months tooo youuuuuuuuuuu! :-)

What a BIG day! A HUGE milestone!
I know you're Mummy will have the camera out in full force today! Can't wait to see the results and can't wait to see the photo journal!
Preston sends you big "high fives" and Gracie sends kisses! :-)
Lots of Love,
The Swanns

yp said...

Happy Happiest of six months birthday to you all- may the day be magical and may the days continue to unfold in magnifcence and joy beyond anything your heart ever thought it could hold. May time continue to bring you all whatever brings you joy, peace and fulfilment in great abundance.

Eva Nichole said...

That is a beautiful idea and its so true how the days, weeks, and even months in the hospital seem to blur into one long day. When you are finally home you look back and say "wow we were really there that long??" Happy 6 month birthday sweetheart!!!
Crystal and Eva

amanda said...

Great idea Catherine, Joe can now dip in and out of Reuben's life spontaneously and watch his nephew grow.

Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

I love all the pictures of Reuben. He is such a sweet, adorable little boy. I too understand the heartbreak you are going through with the trach - we too have those some disappointments every time the trach removal gets pushed back. Hopefully yours won't be as long as ours. And, if you EVER find a good solution to nursing, let us know - we have been dealing with the problems of nursing for almost two years now and we are sick of it. The holidays are always extra hard for us because we never get coverage and it is difficult to enjoy the day when you have been up all night!

Lisa said...

Absolutely! It's a wonderful idea. I journalled every day when Kennedy was in hospital for almost four months and it kept me somewhat sane and grounded. I have saved that little green book to show her when she is a teenager and tells me she can't do something...I will show her the book as proof she can do anything...