Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy birthday Auntie Geraldine, 37 day!!!

Wishing you a very happy 37th birthday Geraldine!

Reuben has a new trick, blowing raspberries through his lips, exciting himself silly with the thrill of it and I don't doubt, listening to the sounds echoing through his head as he does so. So from Reuben, he sends you a big sucky, sucky sound and, if you're very lucky, a smile and a chuckle at the end of it.

with love
Catherine, Jason & Reuben


ellen charge said...

id love some rasberry kisses

Kristi said...

How fun! But more than that... HOW EXCITING! That is a TYPICAL speech development skill... your OT and ST will be very impressed, I am sure!
Preston does that, too! He is sending some Reuben's way as I type! Reuben is right on time... well within normal ranges of that "baby milestone!" So, even though we all let go of those "norms" with our kids, it's SOOOO very exciting and fun when one happens just as nature intended!
And... not to compare... but to give you an idea... Gracie NEVER has been able to do that!
Congratulations... and I expect to see a video of it on here soon! :-)


Geraldine said...


Thanks so much for the birthday blog spot! I've only just read it (rather late, I know). Nice surprise to see me bikini clad and looking so lovely on the web. Hoorah! Thank you Reuben for your raspberries, can't wait to see them for real early next year!!! And watch out for the postman on Saturday 17..... Love Geraldine