Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome to our World!

The sunshine of my life was born on 2nd May at 804am.
The c-section was the most fantastically gorgeous experience ever. Jason had compiled a CD featuring Boys of Summer, Dancing Queen, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby and Born in the USA. The Drs and nurses were singing and dancing. I was singing "Dancing Queen... young and sweet" whilst my belly was being cut and I was laughing and as happy as can be.
Boo, ooops, Reube's in intensive care for a wee while. He has a congenital heart disease, a hole in his heart that will require surgery, he's unable to feed so has a tube to his stomach, he has partial paralysis to his face, a mushy ear and failed his right ear hearing test. His testes hadn't dropped but they've since found no uterus and found the testes inside and thus he is indeed, all boy!
One day at a time. You can imagine how euphoria of the best day of your life can turn to utter devastation. I cried on that day when he was taken away from us for 10 hrs, but haven't cried since. I got out of bed on Day 1 of the c-section because that was the only way I could see my boy in the NICU. We'll deal with each new day as it comes and no doubt a long road to recovery for Boo.
To us, he is utter perfection. I'm in love! His skin and hair are the softest things I've ever felt in my life. His cry is tiny, like a little lamb's. I'm deliriously happy.
Please keep us all in your prayers.

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