Thursday, July 5, 2007

The boy in blue

Pehaps I should have combed his hair for the shots, but the light was so beautiful this morning, filtering in from the marina, refracting the blue and white scape that is the marina, that I just had to snap away.

The NICU haircut is soon to be obliterated as finally his gorgeous soft brown locks begin to show through once again.


yp said...

Oh Catherine-

These photos are just beautiful! His face is perfectly blissful, angelic and all baby - he does have the lovliest hair :o)

Holding you three in our hearts and knowing that each day brings progress towards robust health and home.

yuka and family

yp said...

looking at the new additions to this post, I cannot get over how much older and wiser Reuben looks even from the short time since we last saw him! absolutely precious and wonderful...... thank you for keeping your blog so beautifully updated.....

Ericap said...

Catherine, he is changing so quickly, he is just totally and utterly beautiful. You are all in our thoughts, hoping for progress towards improved health and getting your boy back home again.

Love Erica and family

Imperfect Christian said...

He is an absolutely beautiful little boy.