Monday, August 20, 2007

Heart Surgery Successful !

I am posting on Catherine's behalf while she and Jason tend to Reuben in post op. I quote directly from the text she sent me today at 2:50 pm Pacific Daylight Savings time : "It's a miracle! Arnold Schwarzenegger's doctor has fixed our boy's five heart defects. Will you please post for us on our blog till I can get there? I fainted when I saw the doctor coming towards us. He is in recovery, and I will post in time." I am lighter than air for them all! ~ yuka


skeybunny said...

Yeah Reuben! We wish you a speedy, uneventful recovery.

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan Storrs

Lisa said...

YIPEE REUBEN! Way to go, hoping you are all better and home again soon.

MK said...

Wonderful news!!Life changes as quickly as the wind and brings in new things all the time. Praying and believing for continued progress and positive reports. Our thoughts are with you continually, the weindorfs.

Polly said...

Such brilliant news... how fantastic! What an amazing little fighter your beautiful boy is... and Arnie's doc obviously knows a thing or two about fixing hearts!! So, so pleased to hear this news and wishing you all much love and Reuben a super-speedy recovery. Polly x

mighty max and mommy amy said...

WOOO HOOO! We are just thrilled for you and praying for a perfect recovery! Love, Amy and Max

ellen charge said...


UndercoverPete said...

Fantastic news and an excellent result. You and Jason must be over the moon. Well done to you both for seeing this hurdle through, well done to Reuben for having the strength, and please God he will always have that strength and determination. Lets all pray for a speedy recovery.

Great news to go to work with :-)

Nana and Grandad said...

3 cheers for our bonnie wee grandson. We are so proud of you. Everyones prayers have been answered, thank God. Your 3 cousins Corrin, Aurora and Hannah send you all their love with big hugs and kisses

Ericap said...

Yipee, fantastic, we are all over the moon for you all! A massive turning point for Reuben and the two of you.

Much love
Erica and David

Anne said...

Yeeeeay yeay yeay!!! Wonderfully amazingly delighted for you all. Go Reuben! What an incredible boy.
Anne xx

amandahd said...

I usually lurk on your blog - i 'know' you from Ivillage and have been keeping up to date with your brave little man.

So excited about what the future holds for you all. Speedy recovery Reuben

Eva Nichole said...

I am so happy for all of you!!! God has blessed that little boy with such a strong will.
Hugs and prayers,
Crystal and Eva

Martin said...

Yeeehaaaaaaaa! Fantastic news. Martin

Jacob's mum said...

That's fantastic news!!! Will be keeping everything crossed that things now get better and better for Reuben and you all.
Lots of love Alexis

Geraldine said...

Such fantastic news!
It's like a miracle, I'm so happy for you all. What a relief that such an intricate operation has gone so well. I can't tell you how relieved we are.
Love Geraldine and Mark

Maggie Robb said...

Fantastic news!! We're delighted for you and hope his recovery goes just as well. What a little fighter!
Our love and best wishes to you all.
Maggie, Dougie, Calum and James xxx

Catherine said...

From: Amelie Chan
Yes brill news for Reuben and family, thoughts and prayers that post-op goes
love the chans xx

From: Maria Rodriguez
Yuka, Thank you for the update. I am so happy for Reuben's family. These are wonderful news. Please send my love to his family. As I said love can conquer all. Love, Maria (mommy to David 14 months CHARGEr)

From: Jacob Fitter
Keith told me about little Reuben
I'll be praying for him lol. Jacob :)

From: Amelie Chan
yes positive thoughts and prayers that Monday goes ahead, it all adds to the anxiety otherwise.
hugs Les x

From: michele sinopoli
oh wow! a great news to hear reuben dodd's heart is really successful. I'm glad to hear,

great news!

From: ellen howe
them from me

Catherine said...

From Lucy Barker:

Catherine and Jason, Sorry but I have to revert to what now seems the old fashion way of sending a message considering your blog and the attachments that people have made, I will have to look into that and get my head around yet another communication avenue!!! (this is coming from a person who does not use a mobile phone! and certainly has not mastered text messaging).

I have been following your blog (Anne gave me the link) with great interest, of course some sadness and often moments or relief and admiration for you both and Reuben of course who really is proving a real fighter. It really is remarkable what you are doing communicating in this way to all your friends and family, it is so nice to hear of all your joys and Reuben's achievements and I am sure there is some therapy in there for you as well. I was so pleased to read today that Reuben's latest surgery has gone so well, just shows you

Catherine said...

From Sara Whiley
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm sooooooo pleased he's OK and all fixed - made my day. Hope he continues to do well. Will you be able to take him home again soonish?

Love and hugs
Sara xxx

Catherine said...

From Janelle & Andy

Dear Catherine & Jason
We are so pleased for you. It has been such an uphill battle for you and it seems that now the major hurdles are fixed. You must be over the moon. He's a cute little guy and clearly brings you enormous joy. Your focus has been immense and the results are fantastic. Thinking of you every day.

Catherine said...

From: Anne Lovegrove:
Hi Guys,

I have to send mail here as Blog for some reason will not let me post a message?

I fixed up the cookie problem, now it say incorrect password/no google account??? Pulling my hair out here! lol

Anyway onto more important issues!


Well done little guy, what real fighter you truely are!

Hoping that you make a speedy recovery and keep giving mummy & daddy those gorgeous smiles of your's!

Big hugs to all

XXX Lorna & Co