Saturday, August 18, 2007

How wonderful life is, while you're in the World

Yesterday, Reuben woke from slumber in my lap, looked up and gave me a big smile. I shrieked with delight. As grandad Lacey says, smiles are as rare as peacock eggs, but it was enough to make up for 85 days in hospital. It was pure magic.


Ericap said...

How fantastic, Reunbens' first smile, a really precious and momentous moment to always remember!! To think that he woke up, saw his mum and felt happy and contented, so he thought that he would show you just how happy he felt.

What a journey for all of you, 12 months on from Reuben's first beginnings in the world.

Lovely to see Lisa and all of you so enjoying your little man.

Love Erica

Eva Nichole said...

What a wonderful gift from Reuben a smile that can melt the heart.
I am always glad to hear some happy news and I continue to pray everyday.
Crystal and Eva

yp said...

Oh Catherine - It is such a blessing to me to feel the aliveness in your words as you post. Cheers to days full of life's intensity - of all kinds. Cheers to Reuben's very special smiles - you and Jason are his first loves. Such beautiful posts and photos - you all look marvelous - the radiant glow of love and joy palpable - love is in every moment - thank you so much for feeding my worried heart while you have the lion's share of concern. Keeping you all very very sacred in my heart as the days move on. Here's to miracles and ease we cannot even yet imagine! always with love, y

Polly said...

Ah, how lovely for you... nothing beats a smile from an adored and adoring child! Perhaps he knew it was the anniversay of his conception day, and he knew how special and joyous that was for you after the long journey you'd had to get there! Hope Monday is a great success. Love, Polly

ellen charge said...


UndercoverPete said...

A momentous day which I'm sure all parents will know the importance of. I remember our first child, Corrin, and the first smiles, the first laughs and those times of recognition. Such simple moments that are held so dear.
Long may they continue, and remember he's learning from your own smiles!

Catherine said...

From Sharon Gibbs:

Hi Catherine, Jason and Reuben, I will be thinking of you all today and praying for Reuben and his surgery. I have been following his blog and am sure this will be a turning point for you all. Reuben is inspiring and such a little fighter so I am sure he will get through this and be so much stronger and happier for it. Good luck to you all today. Lots of love Sharon xxx