Monday, August 6, 2007

Mummy, daddy and baby balloon

Aurora Joy Lacey, aged 8 11/12ths, my beautiful goddaughter, called with this joke and cheered me up enormously. I thought Reuben's blog could do with some light relief!

Three balloons. Daddy balloon, mummy balloon and baby balloon. Daddy balloon says to baby balloon,

"Look son, you are much too old to sleep with mummy and daddy, you will have to sleep in your own bed." Baby balloon protests, "I like sleeping with you and mummy." "No you are not sleeping with us and that's final." "Ok" says baby balloon sadly.

Two in the morning, baby ballon wakes up and decides to climb into bed with mummy and daddy. He finds there is no room, so he unties his dads knot and lets out some air, and ties him up again. Still no room, so he unties his mummys knot, also lets some air out and ties her up again. He still can't get in, so he unties his own knot, lets out some air, and ties himself up again. He finally has room, and snuggles down with mummy and daddy.

The next day when they all wake, daddy balloon is really angry, saying

"Son, I am really disapointed with you. I said you can't sleep with us. You've let me down, your mummy down, and yourself down too."


Jacob's mum said...

Many thanks for pointing me to your blog. Now I can follow all Reuben's pogress. I am so glad that you had a productive meeting with the hospital staff, that apologies were forthcoming and that there is now a plan in place.
We were so worried for you. It is hard to keep spirits up in the face of so much negativity but delighted you have survived and are even managing to tell us a gag!
I would pay absolutely no attention to any "predictions" of Reuben's future abilities, on the listserv we've heard of doctors giving babies with Charge these worse case scenerios which have gone on to be widely inaccurate more times that I care to remember. Our Jacob has amazed and exceeded expectations (as all the doctors never fail to remind us everytime we go) infact I have had to start telling them he hasn't exceeded mine yet as I always knew he would surprise them and I know there is much more to come! I feel sure Reuben is going to have big surprises of his own for them!!
Lovely photos all over his blog - he is absolutely gorgeous!
Good luck with his operation and we are keeping everything crossed for him and you all.
Love from Alexis, Neil and Jacob in Ascot, UK

Lisa said...

That is a hoot! Love it.

Johnny, Sarah & Lottie said...

We can't begin to imagine the frustration this must have caused you, or believe how well you seem to be coping with it all. Reuben sounds like a real fighter: hope the leg lifts are helping develop those Stourport calves ! Just to let you know that we're thinking about you constantly, and please let us know if there's anything we can do.

All our love.

Amy, Mike & Ben Russo said...

Hi. My name is Amy Russo and my son Ben also has CHARGE. I've just learned about your little one and I'll be praying for him. Ben has a trach. He got one after being intubated for 3 months. The main reason was because they couldn't keep his nasal passages open (he has a very stubborn and persistent case of coanal atresia)... but after spending three months intubated, the coanal atresia was the least of our concerns. That darn breathing tube really wrecked havoc on Ben's airway. His entire airway now has to be rebuilt by using cartilage from his ribs. If I would have known earlier how much damage long term intubation caused, I probably would have had him trached earlier (plus, it was the one thing that let him come home from the hospital). Life is definitely more challenging with a trach, but you get use to it and it becomes part of your lifestyle. I just thought it might help hearing from someone who had to go with a trach for their son (not that you will, but just in case you do). It isn't as scary as I thought and Ben does so well with it.

Eva Nichole said...

Hello my name is Crystal and I have a daughter named Eva with CHARGE, Amy posted about you and your family on Max's site and I wished I would have met you at the conference I was there but I guess we missed eachother. Reuben is an adorable little guy and I will have him in my thoughts and prayers from now on. Don't let the doctors get to you and never take what one doctor says as a final answer.
God Bless,
Crystal and Eva