Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Throat surgery #1

Before and after photos of Reuben's throat and airway, not for the squemish so sorry if I offend. Throat surgery went well, anaesthesia tolerated, granulomas removed from above vocal chords, swelling treated with steroids. The Little Red Reuster remaining intubated whilst Reuben's throat heals.

Trying to keep Reuben pretty paralysed til Friday so he doesn't aggravate his throat and then, another planned extubation. It's a slightly awful thing to watch as whenever Reuben wakes and wriggles, he's sedated again, thus helping the throat healing process. Of course it goes against nature to keep a baby from wriggling.

Yet, a positive step today.


MK said...

good news; hopefully things will keep moving in the right direction for the little man!

Ericap said...


Wonderful to hear you sounding so upbeat today, with Reuben's operation having gone well yesterday. Hoping for Fridays' extubation being 3rd time lucky for your little soldier.

Love Erica

P.S Yuka, 'where were you'? I got there before you for once!!

Lorna said...

Fab News!!!

Let's hope that from here on Reuben's recovery is fast!

Best of luck for friday, and big hugs for little guy!

Lorna x

ellen charge said...

a very postive step and a great one

mighty max and mommy amy said...

Oh thank you so much for the update...let's hope the next few days are great and peaceful for lil' Reuben. Friday's a big day!

yp said...

Oh wonderful!!! I am so very pleased for you. Wearying how the feelings flow all one way and then the other - it is truly a rollercoaster of the most demanding style - I recall it all to well. I will keep you closely in my heart, especially on Friday... hope and love are constant - above circumstance and condition. I am exuberant with the joyous expectations of today! love, yuka

p.s. Erica! I have obviously been most neglectful! Shame on me ! :o) and bless you for being such a dear friend :o)

Catherine said...

From: Mum and Dad
Hello Catherine and Jason, Hope all is well and little red reuster isgetting stronger. Bless him. Saw the blog and must say his throat looksmore open and in good shape even if a little raw. Tried to phone twicetoday without success. Thinking of you and praying for you 3 daily. LoveDad. Here comes Mum. Cant stop thinking about you all each morning andlast thing at night. Was very sad at the weekend after our phonecall andseeing you so upset, not being able to hug you, and feeling so helpless. Butthank God the operation went well and it certainly looks so much better forlittle Reuben. Joseph phoned us on Sunday night and suggested we go down toBournemouth, so we left on Monday morning and stayed until Thursday as AnneMarie had 3 days off.It was lovely seeing them again after such a while andwe managed to have a good swim in the sea two days running. The weather waslovely and the sea was a bit cold but once in it was just so enjoyable. Hopeto be able to speak with you over the weekend. Everything you have writtenis just so amazing, you really have been a great inspiration and also Ienjoyed reading what Jason had written. You have both been so brave and weare so proud of you, also our little darling Reuben. Love always mum xxx