Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wrapped around your finger

It's quite clear who's the boss around here. A young and inspiring boy by the name of Reuben. He'll go to the operating theatre to fix the congestive heart failure when he's good and ready. For now, a new date's been rescheduled for Monday thanks to, you've got it, a new pseudomonas, but less aggressive, lung infection from the good old ventilator. Horrific setback on Monday morning when we were called at 4am to say Reuben had a cardiac arrest but was successfully resuscitated by his nurse. I hope these last few days are as bad as it gets. Visits this week from Lisa (Jason's sister) and Paul, Auntie Angie, Cousins Lisa, Barrie and Karen, Martin & Julia Stitt, and our dear fellow NICU friend Cassandra who, it has to be said, was subjected to a bit of a breakdown by me after a week that's seen Reuben effectively jogging for 3 days whilst off the ventilator, re-intubation on the ventilator, collapsed lung, cardiac arrest, lung infection, scheduled heart surgery, rescheduled heart surgery. And what surprises everyone when they meet him, once they wade through the wires and monitors and tubes, there's a bright and contented boy loving his toys, the softness of his blankie, having his hair brushed, sucking a dummy (a new thing), kicking around, pulling little red reuster faces, making them laugh and smile and fall in love with him. They don't see a boy who looks critically ill.

And so the rollercoaster continues. For today, Lisa, Paul and I will go up to the Griffith Observatory which is right by the hospital in Hollywood and bring back a new perspective of the World for Reuben to enjoy.


MK said...

you guys have definitely been through one heck of a roller coaster ride... ... we are glad that Reuben is so strong to fight through all this and continue to pray for the days ahead... and look forward to reading updates and seeing pictures when you'll finally be back at home!
Much Love to you all from your CHARGE friends in AR

Anne said...

You can find my last comment (twice!) under your previous post. I'm not as computer literate as I should be...
As far as having a "breakdown" with a friend-who better to have a good cry with! You know who your friends are when you can be yourself with them and lean on them when you need to! As you should well know, you are not alone in this.
Love and hugs!

Eva Nichole said...

Reuben just melts my heart that picture is adorable!! I just look in those big eyes of his and see a little boy with a heart of gold.
I will be praying you and Reuben both have a smooth weekend.
Crystal and Eva

Ericap said...

What a great photo of your Starman and as you said, yes, Reuben looks so well in that photo.
We will be thinking of you over the weekend, and hope that Reuben fights the virus as strongly as last time and is able to have his op on Monday.
Love Erica

yp said...

what a darling quizzical look in Reuben's brilliant eyes. I see so much of your father Joe in his face at times. He certainly looks sturdy enough to champion anything! The tone of your post delights me - three cheers for Catherine rolling with the rollercoaster, embracing all the moments. I think you all have had enough surprises for the week. Here's to a weekend of restorative care - and great successes on Monday. with great love, yuka

RobinH said...

Big hugs and kisses to you and Reuben! We'll be thinking of you on Monday.

Nana and Grandad said...

Hello Uncle Jason, Auntie Catherine and our little cousin Reuben. We are with Nana and grandad today and want to send Reuben our best wishes that everything goes well on Monday. We hope it will make him stronger and more healthy. We will remember him in our prayers tonight. We love you very much. From Corrin, Aurora and Hannah