Thursday, September 6, 2007

Congratulations Dylan, home at last!

On the cusp of reaching 6 months in the NICU, Cassandra's boy, and Reuben's first friend, Dylan, finally went home today.

We were fellow boarders back in the NICU when I first met Cassandra, Dylan in the midst of a seemingly unbroken line of surgery after surgery, having been born as a 29 week premie, bleak days of Cassandra being told to prepare for the worst with her son the sickest baby on the NICU block.

Yet it wasn't the first time the boys had met. A close encounter of the second kind. Cassandra radiates a warmth that makes you instantly want to open up and be yourself with her. She inspires others in the NICU through her own example. She gives other mums the hope they so crave. And in this spirit of openness, we began to share our journeys to conception when we first met. I talked about our 6 years of trying, my fibroid surgery, artificial insemination, 3 IVFs and as Cassandra opened up with her history, we suddenly found our long journeys converging to the same infertility clinic of Dr N's in Beverly Hills. Our boys were conceived within days of each other, the two boarding as 100 cell embryos under the watchful gauze of Dr N.

This sweet boy has defied all the specialists, whilst giving his mum such joy and bestowing here with courage in even the roughest of moments.

Cassandra sat with me during the heart surgery, would often sit at Reuben's bedside when he was readmitted but to the PICU, would come to see me in the tranquil garden for respite to escape the intensity that is intensive care. Her smile lights up a room! When you read this, Mum and Dad, I know how you will rejoice at the news too.

I shall selfishly miss you being around, Cassandra, but I only had tears of joy for you today. I couldn't stop smiling as I did the lap of honour in the NICU with you, thinking about how happy you'd be tonight. You used to say that this was your job, going to the NICU, day after day, week after week, and what became month after month. But let your real job begin now!

God speed you! Don't look back, only forward to a beautiful and bright future.

PS. For lovers of trilogies, there's a close encounter of the third kind. Both Cassandra & Matthew's and our little frozen embryos are still boarding, in Dr N's IVF clinic. I hope these other fighters will have a slightly less medically interesting path ahead, and will join Reuben and Dylan in the playground one happy day.


xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

Oh, what a coincidence!

All the best wishes to Cassandra, Matthew and Dylan. And prayers that you, Jason and Reuben will soon be heading home too, Catherine.

Love and hugs, Jac xxx

Eva Nichole said...

AAWW That is so wonderful, I will continue to pray they have a smooth transition to home and my thoughts and prayers are still with you and Reuben and hope you all get to go home soon.
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

Congratulations Cassandra on being able to bring Dylan home, all the for the future.

ellen charge said...

wonderful post hope u keep in touch with them

Lisa said...

We made many good friends in our months in the ICU way back when. I've often wondered about some of them. I'm happy for Cassandra and her family.

Catherine said...

I just read what you wrote on reuben's blog and I am in tears... thank you so much! You don't have any idea what reading that meant to me and what your friendship means to me. I also just read "that's what friends are for?" and I started bawling when I read "You don't hear the initial CONGRATULATIONS, you get instead, the SORRY". I think I just realized that it's also true for coming home... I have received some "congratulations" from those that have visited the NICU to see me and Dylan, but others don't quite know what to say except.. "how are you handling it with all of his complex issues?" When I look at my child I don't see his complex issues (ostomy bag, surgery & tube scars, hernias, IV burns, medications or oxygen cannula). I just see a beautiful baby boy that loves his mommy unconditionally and trusts that she will take care of him.

Thank you so much Catherine!!!!

Talk to you soon...