Friday, September 7, 2007

Thanks Anne-Marie & Aurora!

(click on the eyes to see how incredibly gorgeous they are up close!)

With thanks to my wonderful sister Anne-Marie and niece, Aurora Joy for coming to visit. Aurora, you make me laugh, you make me smile, you astound me with your intelligence. You sing so beautifully sweet, you dance like a ballerina in your shows. You want to be a model or a Hollywood actress when you grow up but would first like to spend two weeks being a hairdresser. We've had fun in the Palm Springs desert, in San Francisco, in Hollywood, at the Getty, at the Cheesecake Factory, yet I think you'd have been happy spending all day every day in the pool.

Reuben thanks you for the basket of presents. I felt your excitement every time we would speak about the collection of things building up for Reuben which you duly presented me with at San Francisco airport, until I found myself in a sea of sign language books, toys, clothes, booties and luxury pampering products for me, so that I found myself totally overwhelmed in taking them all in! So, thank you now for everything. Thanks for being so kind and generous, for choosing to spend your precious holiday with us.

I shall never get used to goodbyes and the long Lacey goodbyes are the worst. You shared every part of my pregnancy journey and that was a great joy for me, so blessed was I to see you in January and February on my trips back home. I'll never forget your shrieks of joy upon calling you from the Getty with the great news and I loved taking you there on I know, one of your favourite days of your trip, to experience it first hand.


yp said...

Oh Catherine - How wonderful to feel your voice expressing joy, amazement and overflowing love of life. Beautiful photo of you and Jason :o) Delicious prose about Anna Marie, Aurora Joy, Cassandra, Dylan and of course precious Reuben. Best to you, Jason and Reuben always- thinking of you very very often- oxo,y

yp said...

Oh supremely lovely! More pictures have appeared! I quite see your mum's face in your sister, and I quite see yours in your neice's - especially the lovely smile on thelips and in the eyes. Beautiful! oxo,y

Geraldine said...

Beautiful pictures, lovely words. Reuben is so much like you Catherine, it strikes me each time I see his picture. Can't wait to catch up and hear all the stories of Anne and Aurora's visit.

So glad Reuben is continuing to keep well and that his little lungs are strengthening, breathing on his own.
Speak soon...Love Geraldine and Mark

ellen charge said...

y u turning elnlish or aussie lol coz i thought americans say mom lol love u all

Lisa said...

Lovely photos - I, too, dislike goodbyes. There's never enough time. Your sister and niece are both so beautiful, I am glad they were able to come for a visit.