Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It was a difficult day, Sunday. Reuben's heartbeat was in the 60s (90-110 is his baseline post bypass). His blood pressure was low too and yet his electrolytes, blood gas and everything else were looking good, which pointed perhaps to a cardio issue.

We left the hospital with heavy hearts, driving back through the Santa Monica Mountains until we reached the beach at Malibu. The Ocean would rejeuvenate us.

I'm not superstitious except perhaps when it comes to walking under ladders, but I think that's just good common sense. And yet I sat on the beach and contemplated. If I saw a dolphin, an uncommon occurrence, it would be a sign that Reuben would be ok. And shortly after this thought, one, two, then three dolphins formed a pod, surfacing as they headed South and past where we sat on the sands. I smiled. It was a lovely moment.


yp said...

May you always feel how you are held in complete love - it is from where you come - {{hugs}}

Ericap said...

And you even captured the moment on film!

Little were those dolphins aware of the significance of their appearance. Remember all those months ago how I said Caron's (UK Charge Secretary) one piece of advice was 'have faith'(in everyway from medical care to Reuben's own spirit to overcome his adversities), : well it sounds like with the wisdom of being a mother of a child with Charge, that has come to become part of your very persona -maybe a lesson to all of us in our everyday lives, that is to have faith that things will work out. Good luck with tomorrow, we will be thinking of the three of you.

with love

P.S Kristi, Thank you for your lovely words, I know that the blog comments from everyone are a tremendous support to Catherine and enjoy meeting up with Catherine next week, when you attend the wedding in Santa Monica.

ellen charge said...


mog-aj said...

I have always known dolphins were wonderful creatures but to have brought so much hope makes them even more amazing in my eyes.

They will protect your little man 3 fold.

Sarah x