Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let's hear it for the Nurses, RTs & Drs!!!!

Dr De Oliviera, MD, Cardiologist, Brazil "That's quite enough of that cold tickly thing on my chest, Dr De Oliviera!". You've been with us since Reuben's birth, when you diagnosed Reuben with a TET physiology, and Jason hastily scribbled "PS, VSD", though honestly not understanding a bloody word you said, you're a wonderful cardiologist. Here you are making one of your regular visits, professional or social. "I hate to disappoint you guys, but Reuben's heart is not that complex". Thank you for your great optimism throughout this journey, for your immense warmth, for using your great talent to help our boy, for helping us fight the battles and for adding a spot of glamour to the PICU!

Rita, Respiratory Therapist, Armenia
"The Kuwaiti" as we call you. We love your bright smile and wonderful stories. We can only marvel at your calm through extubations. And hey, your eyes are open!

Rachel, AKA Catherine Zeta, California

It's a funny thing, you prefer not to have a primary patient, and yet we still get to see you most days. You make us laugh, you're certainly trouble. I can't wait for that night out on the town when the "Reubenator" as you call him, comes home. I'm not sure if I can forgive you for telling me off for pressing the Suspend/Alarm Silence button, but, as we know, Reuben doesn't desat, he just loves to kick kick kick and how the hell is a pulsox supposed to work then! Carry on with what you're doing, making us laugh, gossiping and having fun, oh and being able to explain the mechanics of cardiology and the pacer with a brief sketch. You do it all so very very well.

Susan, Registered Nurse, California

Like a primary nurse for Reuben, the most adept at single handedly taking Reuben out of the crib and onto my lap. I think offering to pick Jason up when he broke down in Beverly Hills after your 12hr shift was, well, a testament to the fact you can't do enough. Jason didn't think it'd be very gentlemanly of him to accept the offer of course! You've looked after us through the most trying moments, heart surgery and all and you help us unravel the minefield that is paediatrics.

Feri, Registered Nurse, Persia
If I see you from behind, I'm thinking, "Wow, what beautiful hair" and then of course when you turn round, you're even more beautiful! In every sense. You radiate warmth and encouragement. And of course we greatly benefit from your former career as a Respiratory Therapist.

Wayne, Respiratory Therapist

and World traveller. You've certainly put up with enough of my tears, that's for sure! You've made us laugh, taught us much about respiratory issues and been a great support through the most difficult of moments.

Stephanie, Registered Nurse, Kentucky

So accomplished at such a young age, we're amazed at how you hold your own. We greatly respect you and thank you for looking after Reuben so well on so many occasions. We're always so happy when we hear you're looking after Reuben and just enjoy chatting with you, pretending perhaps we're still young, ha ha. I wish you all the best for the future and your dream.

Bill, Registered Nurse

Former hotshot in Hollywood, the writer makes a huge about turn in his career and trains as a nurse. Thanks for making us laugh. I always thought it rather amusing watching a man other than Jason changing my boy's diapers, though I'm more than happy to let you carry on, to learn from you, when they're that messy.

Liz, Respiratory Therapist, Vietnam

Thanks for your education and your enjoyment of our son. You're right, he did smile for you!

Alli, Registered Nurse, Ohio

Thanks for helping out that day in the NICU when I was still struggling with my 5ml of breast milk for Reuben, for your words of encouragement back then. I still think of that small contribution in itself as gold dust. And thanks for looking after Reu this week during his ENT op.

The sweet irony of seeing the nurses reading the blog about everything that's going on around them. Caught here, red handed! It's a funny thing. I peeked back a couple of hours later and there was Rachel, still reading.

Turning around whilst showing the blog to the PICU staff to see all 5 of you behind me. Very funny.

Thanks to everyone in the PICU. Here's to everyone in the PICU, nurses, respiratory therapists, Drs, who make this bearable with their kindness and cheer. Thanks for using your great talent to help my boy. It's been a great honour spending so much time with you all in a place that's become like home. I hope anyone reading this can see that the PICU's a happy place despite its purpose. As Rachel says, "I love you all dearly but wish to God I'd never met you."

PS I hope, girls, I did you justice!



ellen charge said...

lovely lady i agree with rachel to lol wish wed never met you but now we all have we r all blessed weather in blog land or personaly we r ver blessed to know and ur fam keep ur possitiveness that youhave ur perfect writing ur so like yuka ohhhhhhh so wonderful where is she to reply to that blog her u and erika all so alike love to read u all love u all xxxxxxxxxxxxx ellen

UndercoverPete said...

what a lovely thread of thanks and what a lovely team, so full of joy.
To the PICU team we'd all like to thank you for your help and devotion you obviously possess a gift too few of us have and too many of us take for granted.