Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reuben's coming home on Monday

After 95 days in hospital on this admission, more medical intervention than most people have in a lifetime, bouts of pseudomonas, pneumonia, a cardio bypass, a heart attack, lung collapses, aortic valve cathetarisation, 2 throat surgeries, a natural pacemaker block, Mickey tube replacement, pick lines into his heart, 6 failed extubations and a tracheostomy, our Reuben is finally coming home on 15 October.

He leaves behind his need for oxygen support, a nebuliser and many meds, but comes home with a repaired heart, a tracheostomy, cardio, electrolyte and narcotic meds, the latter we are to ween him off at home. His weight is 5.17kg, up from 4kg upon admission.

The sweet 6 year old girl with the wispy afro hair in the hospital whom I shall call Macy to protect her privacy, has been living at Children's for a year. She comes into Reuben's room all the time, wheeling herself in and out, the nurses shooing her away.

She came up to me again yesterday, gave me a big smile and said

"Hello. How are you today? I was worried about you yesterday".

I told her she was a little angel from above. Macy hugged me again. Jason calls her trouble. "I'm not trouble" she replies and wheels herself out of the room with a cheeky little smile on her face.


Mary said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your family.

Love and prayers,
Mary in WV

yp said...

HURRAH~~!!!!! Exploding with celebration and anticipation for you three!!! hugging myself in joy! oxo, y

ellen charge said...


Geraldine said...

Discharge at last! How long you've waited. We're all delighted at the news!

MK said...

can't wait to here from you after you've settled in back at home. here always... ...

Paul said...

Somebody had to put it up:

He's coming home,
He's coming home,
He's coming,
Reuben's coming home!



Kristi said...

Yipee! Woo Hoo!!
(As you could probably tell, I hadn't yet read the most recent post when I left you the VM earlier this evening.)
We are so very thrilled that this day has finally come for you all!!!
Hugs, high fives, kisses and tears of blissful joy all around... Mr. Reuben is coming home at last! :-)

With love,
Kristi, John, Gracie and Preston

mog-aj said...

I am so pleased it is finally happening, the big H! Have a fabulous day today and enjoy every minute at home and for the wonderful lifetime to come.

ellen charge said...

yay great there r some people to care bout u still love u