Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He just has to smile to blow my cares away

The smile that greated us this morning

I feel so lucky loving him
Tell me what else is magic for
He thinks its better left unsaid
He's like a new boy every day
And all the rest dont bother me
Im far too busy lovin him
Ill never be lonely now I know him
He fills my heart with joy
He makes my day
He just has to smile to blow my cares away
He just has to touch my hand to make me stay

adapted from Robert Palmer, "She Makes My Day"


Maggie Robb said...

What a beautiful little face Reuben has! There's mischief in those eyes as well!! Delighted to see him without the tubes and looking just so gorgeous and happy about it all. What an amazing milestone for you all to get to. Always thinking of you, lots of love and big hugs to you, Jason and wee Reuben. xx

Jacob's mum said...

Catherine and Jason,

I am so thrilled for you. He looks amazing.

Hugs to Reuben xx

Alexis (Mum to Jacob who is also SuperCHARGEd)

yp said...

SIMPLY GORGEOUS! Handsome, brilliant and cleverly cheeky - the photo has completely catapulted my day into joy! :o) oxo,y

Ericap said...

What a wonderful photo to greet us blogger when we log on. A beautiful, healthy, bonny, cheeky, hansome (I could go on), smiling (no beaming actually) face of Reuben. My heart missed a beat!

He is so clearly thriving now, after what seems so long, but he is there. The storm behind you, now fair winds to come and lots and lots of smiles
With love

ellen charge said...

love thaT PIC

mighty max and mommy said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a beautiful, handsome, strong, GORGEOUS young man! He looks terrific Catherine! I am so thrilled for you guys...and it was wonderful talking with you this weekend. We are all on this rollercoaster together...let me know if I can ever help in anyway!!!

Love, Amy and Max

Kristi said...

Catherine and Jason,
Bright eyed, smiling, full cheeks... what a sight to behold!

With love,
Kristi, John, Gracie and Preston

mog-aj said...

He looks so healthy now! We found that with Alfie, you almost don't realise how much they are struggling until they don't have to anymore. Alfie flourished after he had his trachy. He looks wonderful, eyes and skin so clear and peachy.

Sarah, Stuart and Alfie x

Geraldine said...

Hey Reuben, you look so beautiful, and so much happier now that you can touch your face and suck fingers, breath freely, smile, enjoy all the love from mummy and daddy!