Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Letters to Reuben: a journey through pregnancy after fertility issues

During pregnancy, I wrote my Letters to Reuben (then called Boo) and bound them in blue ribbon the night before he was born. I've finally got round to putting these on his blog.

Pregnancy was the sickest time of my life, the witch morning sickness rearing her ugly head month after month, yet it was the most incredible experience of womanhood, utter bliss, the happiest days of my life, until, that is, Reu's little face looked up at me, the crie de chat, that was the happiest moment of my life.
It all started with the thin pink line...
Some personal favourites:
The first time ever I saw your face:
Family jewels:


yp said...

Goodness! Opening Reuben's page to come uponsuch a glorious, gorgoues and radiant photo of you in shimmering fuschia, blissfully fecund and fully pregnant. I have read through your "Letters to Boo" and am so deeply moved. Only having known you in the weeks after Reuben's birth, I now know that the incredible grace and gratitude with which you embrace life preceeds Reuben's birth in truckloads. Though you may sometimes think your journey is most pertinent to families with fertility concerns or children with CHARGE, I think your writing has a universal ear. For the grief and tearing of expectations unmet and wholeness regained is aburden in every life. You ability to face the sun, find the good and move forward would encourage everyone who had the glory to read your blog. Well written of a lovely heart. Thank you so much- y

ellen charge said...

hey wonderful just like u r urself but then thats not hard u wrote them LOL hey r there any letters when u found out bout charge hope u post soem more

Pequeña lunatica said...

I’m from Argentina, that’s why my English is very bad. I found your Blog and reed your story. So, I just want to say that you have a very beautiful baby, and is very nice to see a mother like you who gives that much love to her son. Thanks for the little and special moments you give me when I read such a lovely story. I wish you have a very good life with your son and husband. That’s all; I hope you can understand my bad English.
A lot of hugs and love from Argentina.

Muchas felicidades!

Eva Nichole said...

You always have such a beautiful way with words and I love all your pictures. I keep Reuben in my thoughts and prayers everyday and I read your blog everyday. He is so handsome and I really wish I knew you were at the conference I would have been able to meet you in person.
hugs and best wishes,
Crystal and Eva (2 year old CHARGEr)

Kristi said...

I am so glad you posted this! You had mentioned it when we visited and I could only imagine, given how wonderful your posts on the blog are, what a beautiful gift your ribbon-bound letters would be for Reuben one day... And now you've shared that gift with us. Your story is amazing and the 'Letters to Boo' are beautifully written.
Thank you for sharing,
xox Kristi

P.S. What a GORGEOUS pregnant woman you make! :-)

mighty max and mommy said...

What a truly gorgeous photo!!! :) You are a beautiful woman inside and out!

Love you! Amy