Tuesday, October 16, 2007


And my own photos of the magical event...

At home, on the terrace, on my lap

Bright eyes

Last nap at Children's

Safe in Daddy's arms I

Sleep softly love

Cheeky Tonette

Coming home outfit

Playtime (with war wounds)

C'mon in, and close the door (by Jason)

My beautiful balloon

Safe in Daddy's arms II

Cutting ties

Big yawn

Golden thread

Yes mummy, of course I remember my playmat (right!)

Wow, it's my amazing hands again

More to follow. Neither the day nurse nor the critical medical supplies (suction cathetars, pulsox cables!) turned up so we've been a little busy. Gross negligence beyond description from both companies but that's another story.

With thanks to:

  • Anne-Marie and Aurora for the sunhat

  • Steph and Simon for the homecoming outfit (in newborn size!)

  • Anne and John for the blanket

  • Phil & Michelle for the onesie

  • Erica for the knitted cardi

  • Mama for his lips

Finally Reu is getting to wear clothes so there'll be many more thanks and photos opportunities of your wonderful gifts!

Photos of Reu's Lap of Honour around the CTICU, PICU, NICU and the floor to follow.


Kristi said...

The photos are wonderful... I could gush on and on... and I can't wait for more!!
The joy on your faces is heartwarming... you are both radiant and beaming! Reuben looks wonderful - - that gorgeous face full of contentment and curiosity all at once! I can't wait for the next installments as he rediscovers his home and life outside of the hospital walls.
Shame on both the nursing agency (and especially their nurse) and the equipment company... I am still sitting here rolling my eyes and shaking my head on that one... you know some of our stories - - that is a very touchy subject around here. I hope that you were staffed for the night so you both could TRY to rest...???
Back to the good stuff - - that golden hair is really exquisite, isn't it? It's so great to see him inspect those hands of his! Now that he is free from the hospital chaos, he is going to start inspecting a lot more with the same intensity... I can't wait to see what you capture with your camera! Let the fun begin!!!
Congratulations, again, on a LONG awaited homecoming!
Kristi (and the rest of the sleeping Swanns!)

mog-aj said...

So glad to see you all home together. Jason you look ten years younger since you could take a break from work, Catherine as always you lokk 'fabulous dahling'! and of course the wee man, he looks amazing!!! The worry about supplies is a nightmare, we have that trouble too on occasion. Horrible to have a service like nursing there but not to happen, doesn't do anything for your peace of mind. Keep enjoying the joy that is having Reuben home.
Sarah x

yp said...

Gorgeous - all of you - wonderful and I am madly hugging myself! Bursting with excitement for you all! Thank you so much for posting such lovely photos for us to share in your delight! so much love, yuka

skeybunny said...

First, Reuben looks so incredibly handsome in all his pictures...beautiful!
Second, I can't believe you were left high and dry w/o nursing or suction catheters--horrible!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

Eva Nichole said...

That is so wonderful I am so happy for you and Reuben, welcome home little man!!
Big hugs,
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Fantastic news! Reuben is such a beautiful baby and he certainly looks in his element at home. I can feel all the love you and Jason have for him all the way here in Charleston, WV!

Bummer that no help showed up on Reuben's first night home but you and Jason proved you could handle it.

Reuben has such cute clothes, I can't wait to see more pictures of him.

Ericap said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the moon that you have your boy home, wonderful photos, thanks for posting so many photos so we can share/enjoy. Been reading my 'California' book and can't wait to take a stroll with Reuben in his pram, down the pier at Christmas/New Year.

With love

MK said...

so glad beyond words for you! You all look just amazing and rue is just peaceful and beautiful as the day is long. Hope you get to watch the video on the blog sometime. our little contribution from little rock, ar through the airways/ soon to catch again until then we love you all xoxoxo mk, blake, pierce and lil' luke

Lisa said...

I am so very very very happy for all of you...that belly of his looks just perfect to me, Kennedy's looks just like it!

He has come so very far - what a joyous time for you guys...

Much much love from Canada...

ellen charge said...

YAY love the pics

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Congratulations on Reuben's homecoming! The pictures are beautiful. Here's to good health and happy times to come!

Leslie & Katie (5yo, CHARGE)
Mason, OH

Amélie Mia Chan said...

Wonderful news for you all...catch up and enjoy all the amazing joys Reuben will bring into your lives.

Love Lesley and Amélie xx

Anonymous said...