Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family portraits

We had a card sitting around the apartment from our ob/gyn's office offering a free photo sitting, so the guy came along this morning and took some lovely family photos, of which there's a slideshow of about 100 on this link:

The password is "Rueben" spelt incorrectly. To our families, if you'd like to order some prints, have them delivered here and we'll send them back with Joe.



Mary said...

Beautiful photos. I love Reuben's obsession with his hands. Just wait until he discovers his toes! It's amazing how he doesn't look like he has ever had a sick day. He is one loved little boy.

Lisa said...


yp said...

gorgeous - and I don't recall ever seeing Jason without his glasses on :o) so handsome are you three - so happy for you am I !!! :o)

ellen charge said...

so gorgous love his hands fiddling hope he doesnt go for the trac to much xxxxxx

Eva Nichole said...

I love all the pictures they are lovely!! You also have a beautiful view from your place which made a wonderful background. Congrats again and I hope everything is going well.
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

What lovely photos. It's a joy to see you all at home and so happy. Congragulations!

xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

Wow! Welcome home you 3! Well done Reu for looking soooo gorgeous! God bless you all!

Chris, Nate & Burke Nelson said...

Reuben is can just see all the life in his little eyes! You all look so happy...we know how much work it is and how much hope and support it takes to get through! We'd love to stay connected with you...our son Burke was born June 2006 and recently diagnosed with CHARGE can see pics and read our story at and recent photos at Burke Nelson

Chris & Nate Nelson

Kristi said...

Gorgeous photos! So many with great smiles on his face... I just love it! And... so much love, pride and joy on your faces!
So thrilled for you all! :-)


Ericap said...

Reuben doesn't look as if he has a care in the world, or ever has! The depth of pride, elation and pure love is simply bursting out from your faces, wonderful. What great, happy and cherished photos.
With love