Thursday, October 25, 2007

Medical update

  • Cardio - met with Dr De Oliveira on Wednesday. ECG and echo showed VSD and ASD patches still in place. Residual pulmonary stenosis (after bypass) which doesn't seem to be causing problems, although if it narrows further, a heart cathetarisation will be considered. Still on beta blocker (Propranonol) to reduce ectopic cardio arrythmias (high heart rate).
  • Met with Dr Charlie, Chief Resident and Reu's paediatrician on Thursday. Discussed feeding, respiratory, cranial facial follow up (palsy, dentistry), occupational therapy for swallow study/oral feeding, urology
  • Hearing - BAER test results. Fitting for BAHA softband on Thursday 1st
  • Feeding - 90ml for 1hr then 2hrs off. Looked into soy formula to reduce mucus plugs but wasn't recommended by Dr Charlie
  • Meds - being weened off Ativan (sedative) after 5 months on sedation. Being weened of propranonol by growth (ie dosage won't increase). Being weened off Lasix (diuretic) as no longer required for heart but potentially required for lungs (will revisit with Pulmonology)
  • Gross motor skills - much work to be done with physical therapy starting Monday. That of a 2m old after his prolonged hospitalisation
  • Weight - 5.49kg
  • Height - 24" (19" at birth"

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