Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank you...

... to everyone out there who keeps me sane. Things have been tough of late, emotionally, physically, but of course yesterday's news is a great blessing. I just wanted to thank you all for bearing with me and giving us such tremendous support. You're like a star filled sky, persistently shining on the bleakest, darkest nights. When Joe leaves on Friday and we get ourselves sorted at home, I'd like to return your phone calls, emails, texts, which I've been so remiss in returning.



ellen charge said...


Eva Nichole said...

Is is why I do a blog for Eva it lets others know how we are doing and I can feel the love and support in the end with everyones wonderful comments. Reuben is such a joy, and so beautiful how could someone not want to check out his blog and post something nice everyday.
Crystal and Eva

mog-aj said...

Just keep on enjoying life and your family and don't worry about the rest of us. we won't take offence, honest ;-).
p.s. Alfie has sent Reuben a parcel so hopefully customs etc. prevailing he should get it!

Geraldine said...

Enjoy your last day with Joe,. make the most of the time together. Hope to catch up with you on Skype tomorrow...
Lots of love

P.S. I bet there's not a salty T in sight!

Kristi said...

This post made me smile... it is just like you (the you I have come to know these last months on the blog and during our conversations and visit) to think of everyone else when you need only think of what is happening right there at home!
Enjoy your time with your brother, enjoy your boy being home at last, get adjusted... rest when you can (I am SO glad that Jason is off work!) and we will all be ready and waiting for an update when you have the chance!
We all get caught in the quicksand of life... we all understand! I feel like I haven't come up for air since we saw you last month... so much happening and I look forward to catching up when we both have a simultaneous window!
Now get off the blog, give some love to Reu & Jason and get some well deserved rest!

yp said...

Catherine- your taking the time to bless my day with these gifts of beauty of word, image and heart are more than rich reward for the support I offer. The blessing is mutual :o)