Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a North American holiday to give thanks, traditionally to God, for the things that one has at the conclusion of the harvest season. It is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November in a similar fashion to Christmas in the UK, in the company of family with the Thanksgiving Turkey

This year's Thanksgiving is in honour of Reuben, giving thanks for Reuben’s life.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Children's Hospital LA, who so compassionately cared for our boy for 5 months in intensive care. Thanks also to the following for your support at every level and for the wonderful gifts and prayer cards. I swear we have not had to buy a single item of clothing or a toy since Reuben was born! He’s a very lucky boy indeed.

Our families:
My Mum & Dad for your overwhelming support in those first few months and beyond, Joseph for all your very welcome phone calls and for (almost always) managing to track us down, Peter & Nicky for the wonderful gifts and your words of wisdom on the blog and Corrin & Hannah for your prayers for Reuben, Godmother Anne-Marie for your kindness and for being with us in August after the heart surgery and to Aurora for making us smile, Geraldine & Mark for your continued support, Jason's Mum & Dad for always keeping on top of everything Reuben related, Lisa & Paul for being with us during the heart surgery and making us laugh again, Joshua & Mitchell for your lovely messages, Catherine Ann & family, Laura & Michael for your incredible kindness over your Christening gifts for Aidan which inspired Reuben's Foundation, Auntie Angie & John, Cousins Barrie & Karen whom we look forward to spending Thanksgiving with you in LA.

A special thank you to Erica…for being with us during every step of this journey. A wise owl with the patience of a Saint!

Reuben's medical & development team:
Children's Hospital Los Angeles. So many to mention including The Drs: Dr Charlie Golden, Dr Kevin Madden, Dr De Oliveira, Dr Starnes and his team for performing the bypass miracle, Dr Sarah, Dr Del Castillo, Dr Robbie, Dr Deakers, Dr Newth, Dr Claire, Dr Kimani, Dr Platzer, Dr Stanley (from Upminster!). All the NICU nurses, Anne Gleeson for your nursing excellence and Chris. Reu's primary PICU nurses Stephanie & Susan, Rachel, Sanci, Kip, Steve, Manfred, Bill, Alli, Tonette, Rhonda, Jiffy the Trach Nurse. The Respiratory Therapists including: Wayne, Feri, Liz, Rita. LA School District Early Intervention: Michelle & Gwen (for your shoulders!). Physical Therapy: Shelly, Carrie. Occupational Therapy: Jennifer. Home nurses: Norma, Princess Ivy of Swaziland

Thanks to our friends and all their families:
Adrian S, Alexi & Jacob, Amy, Mike & Ben Russo, Amy & the Mighty Max for continually inspiring us, Ann McGoldrick for the Scottish teddy, Anne Pike, Beryl Burles for the lovely clothes, Bethan, Brintons globally for the wonderful gifts, blogging and prayers ("Auntie" Lori, Scottie, Ken & Maxine, Cluer, Michelle, Nora Jones, Diane Williams, Michelle, Carla, Sam, Sanjay & Claire for making the beautiful artwork, Glenna, Phil & Michelle, Jonathan, Neil & Tracy, James & Grace, Keysie (sorry about the football), and all the kind folk in Vegas, Boston, Kennesaw & Kidderminster), Candi & Luke, Cassandra & baby Dylan for your support during the bypass and throughout our months at Childrens, Charlbury & family, Chris & Susannah, Chris & Nate, Christina & Claudio for being such understanding tenants, Claire & Wilkie, Corrie Young, Crystal & Eva Nicole for all your helpful comments on the blog, David & Maryanne, Delina, Dmitri & Margarita, Dr Sam for helping us achieve the miracle of conception, Ellen, Emma & Diddy, Erica & David, family friends Martha and the O'Sheas, St Josephs Church (Frank & Sheila for the mass intention), Lyn & Dennis and all the parishoners), Faning for your information on the hearing aid, Francis (Auntie Angie's friend) for the rosary, Fred & Karin for your friendship, Hannah, Godfather Iain & Carol for the Wolves clothes and mass intention, ivillage friends (PAFI, FI, MAFI, CWM), IIF, Jac, Janelle for all your constructive thoughts and friendship, Janet & Mike Anslow for sharing the FI journey and friendship, John (looking fwd to your visit) & Sarah for the favoured Starman blankie, Julia & Martin, Kristi & John for your visit, shared knowledge and inspiring us with Gracie, Leigh, Lesley & Amelie, Leslie Kauffman, Lisa & Kennedy, Lisa Borre-Avila our IVF nurse, Lisa Olsen, Lorna & John, Lucy for Little Roo for Reu, Maggie & Dougie for the clothes & cute Hamleys teddy, Mary in Charleston, Martin & Julia, Mckenna for all your help at the baby shower, pequena lunatica, Polly for your big support on the blog, Rebecca & Cameron, Saint Monica's Church, Sandrine for your pregnancy support, Sara Whiley, Sarah Stebbings; Sarah & Jeremy for sharing the journey; Sarah, Stuart & Alfie for sharing PAFI and beyond (inc trach), Sharon Bance, Simon & Nicky, Stat & Jo (when will we get to chat with the time difference?), Godmother Steph & Simon for the lovely gifts and support, Tank, Torston, Vanessa & Martin for visiting us in hospital and for your kindness, Vivian, Peter & Angel Carlos, always in our hearts, for your courage and inspiration, Yuka, Scottie & Keith for those landmark visits to Children’s and for everything since.
I sincerely hope I've remembered everyone here, but to those not named personally (let me know please and I'll edit this note!), we are so very grateful.


ellen charge said...

oh how wonderful i think ur all so inspiring love u to bits

Kristi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
You three are an inspiration and we are thankful for crossing paths with you at the Conference :-).
Have a wonderful day!
The Swanns

Eva Nichole said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I know I have a lot to be thankful for and you all are one of them, I am so glad I am able to be there for you even if its just by comments on your blog. I know having comments are my blog for Eva is a blessing it helps me know people read up on her and care about her.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy your blessing!!
Crystal and Eva

Ericap said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family, your beautiful boy, your amazing husband and of course, your turkey!! For me, I am especially thankful to be able to see Reuben wearing his BAHA, over 6months of uncertainty and recalling several heartfelt phone conversations over your grief/struggling with acceptance that Reuben would not hear music and now there he is listening to his mum singing to him!!!!!!!!!! How truely wonderful is that!!! And now of course, I will have the pleasue of singing American Pie to Reuben when I meet Reuben next month! Can't wait.
With all my love to you all

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family this Thanksgiving. Reuben is such a pretty baby and always seems so satisfied. We know he is smart, look who he chose for parents. :-)

We had a wonderful day. Our daughter was in Newport Beach the past eight years and only came home at Christmas. It was such a joy to have her here today.

Love and prayers,
Mary in Charleston, WV

Steph said...

Dearest Reuben, Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving at home with your parents. Your photos are magical to see across the miles. Glad you are enjoying your toys and gifts and I can't wait to see you in the New Year,

Love from your godmother, Steph xxx

Steph said...

Dearest Reuben, Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving at home with your parents. Your photos are magical to see across the miles. Glad you are enjoying your toys and gifts and I can't wait to see you in the New Year,

Love from your godmother, Steph xxx

Lori Pullen said...

How great for my buddy Reu and his new hearing device. I hope he gets to hear all of the country music that Auntie Lori likes. He is getting so big and so animated with his facial expressions. I think he needs to have a steak instead of some mushed up squash. I am glad that you enjoyed Thanksgiving and gave thanks for the cutest little boy in the world. Keep in touch and let me know if there is anything else that you need.

Polly said...

Wow... so many thank yous! I'll add another one... thank you to Catherine & Jason for sharing their journey and their beautiful boy with all of us!

Am loving all the latest photos and am looking forward to your next update to find out how Reu is doing with his BAHA... sooo exciting!

Lots of love
Polly x

Steph said...

What an amazing picture! Santa Baby is just wonderful. Your plans for Christmas sound lovely, I'm just so sorry I can't be with you for the Christening. Love Steph xxx