Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let the music begin!

The sign we created for Reuben, a combination of the sign for R and music. Cross your index and 2nd finger on your right hand (the R fingerspelling) and then wave it across your flat left hand (representing music)

Wired for sound

Reuben had his BAHA Softband hearing aid, in lieu of an implant which he'll be able to get at about age 5, fitted last night in Downtown. This was after a mess up with the times earlier (no number of diaries can ensure we actually record nevermind meet all these appointments it seems) and Reuben, at first bemused why he was wearing a headband with balloons, suddenly looked very alert as the device was kicked into action. I'd like to say that my voice was the first he heard (but actually that wouldn't have been in the case in Labour & Delivery anyway), but the technician was doing a lot of explaining about the band and meanwhile, I, holding Reuben, was looking at my little love and feeling equally bemused at his latest bodily accoutrement, bang smack in the middle of his head. And thus, there wasn't much sound coming out of my mouth beyond "Oh".

Reuben quite simply has the Deluxe Package from Children's, every developmental device. This is another one of the specials for us to get used to, to address why its ringing and to work out how on Earth it's going to stay on his head during tummy time and PT. We need to cut it to size as you can see from the picture but wanted to work out where it sits best on his head first. Luckily Michelle and Gwen from LA School District were over this morning and helped out on that front.

That said, this is a huge communicative leap forward for Reuben. We were working out what songs to play in the car on the way home, his first music, Beethoven or The Killers?, but I thought me singing to Reuben would be the best, as I have all along. So let the music begin.

Gwen and Michelle from the LA Schools Early Start Programme signing I Love You to Reuben this morning. Gwen has just come on board our team to focus more on signing and Michelle focuses on oral communication

Mr Bubbles, tired from all this auditory stimulation


Candi said...

HOW EXCITING! Please post photos. I love your photos of Reuben anyway, but I would really like to see what the BAHA headband looks like and how Reuben lights up with this new experience.
Good luck on this newest part of Reuben's journey!
Candi (Mom of Luke 9 mo chARGEr)

Ericap said...

How wonderfully exciting for all of you, a new dimension totally for Reuben and for yourselves in communicating with him. I am so pleased that you managed to achieve his BAHA, quicker than initially anticipated.

Wonderful photos of Reuben tasting, real concentration on his face.

Love Erica

Eva Nichole said...

That is so wonderful to hear and its amazing the difference in them when the band is on and not on. Eva does not have a BAHA she wears a regular hearing aid but the little guy I watch does and when it comes off boy does he get mad he wants to hear the world!!! LOL!
Also those bubbles WOW that is talent!! LOL!
Great job!!
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...


Kristi said...

YAY! I am so excited for you!
I LOVE Reuben's name sign!

I wasn't sure how long you'd have to wait for his aid (red-tape, insurance, etc.) that's why I sent you the loaner! But... you clearly got the "works" and don't need that thing! (Which was used and abused, but still works!)

Speaking of the "accessories" or "hardware" that our kiddos have... just think of them as bionic! :-) It's empowering for them and you!

Can't wait to hear how the "listening" is going.

Lisa said...

I am way behind but I wanted to say:
I love the sign; my sister is a music teacher and her name sign from Kennedy is a "T" doing "music"!

Also, congrats on the BAHA, it's been a huge part of Kennedy's successes.