Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reuben's 6m developmental milestones

Thought I'd make a note of observable behaviour for reference. We haven't really covered this in PT, so I've done a bit of research to name the milestones he's achieved. It's a rewarding exercise seeing what he has achieved, rather than focusing on what he has yet to achieve:

Physical development

  • Reu lifts head and chest when placed on stomach for short periods
  • Reu straightens legs and kicks in sequence when lying on back
  • Reu brings hands to mouth and rests them near face
  • Reu takes swipes at dangling objects with hands
  • Reu graps and shakes hand toys
  • Reu straightens legs and pushes down when legs are placed on a firm surface or pressed
  • Reu rolls over, front to back and back to side (working on back to front)
  • Reu reaches and grasps with either or both hands, with improving aim
  • Reu transfers objects from hand to hand
  • Reu uses raking grasp to pick up objects
  • Reu lifts legs high while on back
  • Reu holds two objects, one in each hand
  • Reu creeps on stomach
  • Reu sucks either or both his hands, thumbs or fingers
  • Reu touches his toes

Visual development

  • Reu looks longer at the human face than objects
  • Reu tracks moving objects with eyes to midline and prefers moving to stationary objects
  • Reu follows familiar objects and people at a short distance
  • Reu uses hands and eyes in coordination
  • Reu is developing color vision (loves colourful toys)
  • Reu's distance vision begining to mature

Receptive/Expressive Language Skills

  • Reu smiles when I talk
  • Reu giggles when excited
  • Reu starting to turn head toward direction of sound
  • Reu cries to express wants and needs
  • Reu makes sounds for pleasure
  • Reu turns head when name is called (!!!)
  • Reu experiments with making noises with voice despite trach (blowing raspberries)

Socio-Emotional Skills

  • Reu develops a social smile (especially with the pretty ladies)
  • Reu enjoys playing with other people
  • Reu imitates raspberry blowing
  • Reu enjoys social and affectionate play
  • Reu is becoming interested in mirror images
  • Reu responds to other people’s expressions of emotion
  • Reu knows difference between family members
  • Reu vocalizes, smiles, reaches for familiar person

Thinking/Cognitive Skills

  • Reu has longer periods of being alert
  • Reu responds to sounds with facial expressions
  • Reu shows interest in movement of own hand
  • Reu explores objects with hands and (inevitably!) mouth
  • Reu reaches for objects that are out of reach
  • Reu watches food preparation and other normal routines
  • Reu shakes and plays with objects


Eva Nichole said...

Reuben is doing awsome!! What a proud moment and wonderful milstones.
Keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Wow, I am impressed with all Reuben is doing! Mommy and Daddy are doing great with him.

ellen charge said...

he is awsome and i know u cant wait for everyone to come over to see him

Emily J. said...

I googled Di George Syndrome and your blog came up. My daughter has Di George, and I just wanted to send my prayers along to your family as well. I understand all the emotions that you have gone through. My daughter is only 3 months and I have been trying to set up a on-line support group. I hope that you can take a look at it and share your advice and story.

May God bless you and your family,