Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa Baby

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Reuben can't wait, and he won't wait, for Christmas! It's that tongue again, looking forward to a big suck on the candy cane!

Mum and dad are coming out for Christmas! This really is fantastic news. Can't wait for them to share in the joy of Reuben and all his latest achievements. On Boxing Day, Erica and family arrive and on New Year's Day, Jason's parents arrive. We will celebrate with a christening at Saint Monica's Church on one of the days there'll all be here. It couldn't have worked out better. Reu had an Emergency Baptism just after birth and has since received the Sacrament of the Annointing of the Sick, so this christening will be a beautiful way to celebrate with family, my best friend and our extended family in LA, the Olsens. Johnny is also popping over mid December for a weekend from London, as you do.


Eva Nichole said...

Eva plays with her tounge when she gets excited too.
Crystal and Eva

Lori Pullen said...

There could never be any other picture of Reu, unless he has his tongue out. He is just the cutest little Santa. I hope he enjoys his first Christmas, too bad he can't see snow. Hope all is well with Mommy and Daddy too. Give little Reu a kiss from me and tell him I look forward to meeting one day.
"Auntie" Lori

ellen charge said...

now i needu to post a pic of reu at home with urmum anddad and jasons mum and dad and of course pics with the wonderful erica who i read so muchabout here in fact id love for yu to show erica on m blg i read her allthe time on here and i feel like aio allready know her and watn to send herbighugs and kisses if she is reading

Lorna said...

That's the cutest Santa i've ever seen!

Happy holidays

Lorna & Co

Ericap said...

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for your kind words, I am sure that Catherine will post loads of photos, once Christmas and New Year have passed. We are so excited about meeting the little Starman and rejoicing with Catherine, Jason and their family at Reubens christening, it will be very special and precious.

Special regards to you, it is wonderful that you follow Catherines' blog and show your support so consistently.

Kind regards