Friday, December 21, 2007

Johnny comes to LA

The Kings boys at the Getty

Johnny's beard, not quite like Santa's!

Thanks for coming to see us Johnny from the UK. I know Jason was aching for a lads night out! It was a huge effort coming all this way for a long weekend and we're very grateful for your support especially just before Christmas. And I know Reuben was thrilled to bits with his smiley balloon, up and down, up and down, up and down I say with lots of enthusiasm in my voice to teach him both. You made Reuben laugh so much we often found him smiling away to himself when he couldn't see us, as you know, a milestone. Not just a social smile, but a contented little baby smile. He's such a happy little love and it thrilled us to see him loving you so much! More

PS Worcester boys welcome please in order to keep Jason's sanity


ellen charge said...

and i want erika to keep ur sanity uwonderful lady so i wanther and yuka live with you and u just tell her that from me

ellen charge said...

ur at 49000