Friday, December 21, 2007

Oral feeding

With little drops of formula in his bottle and a teaspoon of baby food, we know there's s a huge mountain to climb. Reuben's response is often to blow raspberries and I looked back at Max's blog and saw he was doing the same, but it's good he's putting the bottle nipple to his mouth and sucking on it a little, evidenced by the bubbles in the teet. He visibly enjoys tastes and given his Pregestermil tastes rotten, I added a little lemon to that too.
Good we're finally getting to use the bottles from the Chauhans.


ellen charge said...

yay that is so cool

Eva Nichole said...

Keep up the tastes its always important so they know the food does not just appear in their tummy.
Wonderful job!!
Crystal and Eva