Wednesday, January 2, 2008


always pulling mama's hair

Reu's baptism at St Monica's Church, conducted by Fr Willy Raymond, was quite simply, the most beautiful time we've spent with Reuben since birth.

happy daddy with the Baptismal candle

Held on the day of his 8 month birthday, reaching the heady heights of 7k, Fr could not do enough for us, gave a beautiful and amusing sermon and heartily joined us in singing Silent Night and Oh Holy Night, mum being the leading voice. I had always dreamt of having a Christmas baptism celebration, singing these carols and to find the Church still adorned with the huge red garland outside and conifer wreaths inside on the cusp of Twelfth Night marking the Epiphany and thus the end of Christmas, was an absolute joy. It's lovely when a long held dream comes true.

with Fr Willy who so willingly accommodated us at short notice

There is a most warm and tender feeling inside that Church. We gave thanks to Reuben's godparents, Anne-Marie, Iain and Steph, mum and dad reading out their messages for Reuben in their absence and Reuben wearing a little blue suit from Steph.

The Baptism had been arranged rather quickly and after hearing that the Church could not accommodate the dates where our parents' and Erica's visits overlapped, Baptisms only being held in groups on a Sunday, Fr Willy went out of his way to devote the evening for our joyous service.

Just a stunningly beautiful feeling inside.

With thanks to Sanjay for taking these precious and lovely photos. Thanks to those who were able to join in the celebrations and thanks for all the wonderful gifts. Auntie Lisa and the boys sent a lovely record book of the event in which there will be happy memories to record and Mum and Dad gave Reuben a beautiful christening frame for the same.

the Church's namesake

PS I do need to add that I'm a very lapsed Catholic, yet this Church brings such joy at every visit, the community is so warm and Reuben either sleeps soundly through or kicks his legs along to the professional orchestra's music, that these are reasons enough to return.
PPS We went back to the Church today (6th) and sang Christmas carols for the Epiphany. What a wonderful surprise too that Fr Willy was holding the Mass.


ellen charge said...

how cool we need pics u no missed ur updates love u all

Candi said...

I am glad it was such a wonderful experience! And I agree with Ellen - pics please.