Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sitting up milestone

Today, for the first time whilst sitting in his little Bebepod chair, after slumping to the side as has always been the case, he actually lifted himself up to an unslumped sitting position aided by the chair. Was a thoroughly delightful thing to watch. Mum and dad were here to witness too. Wonderful new milestone at 8 months.


skeybunny said...

Yeah Reuben--keep up the hard work!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

Geraldine said...

Great news...one big step forward of many to come!

Happy New Year all.
Lots of love Geraldine and Mark x
Speak tomorrow on skype at 8.00pm our time.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Reuben

Lots Of Love,

ellen charge said...

wohoooooooooooo all the little chargers r doing wonderfuly today eva stands by her self and reu sits