Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Holding bottle milestone

Given distinct lack of practice, not bad for really getting the knack at 8 months after some attempts at 6 months. Reu is getting a little Pedialite or apple juice as his special formula tastes foul.

On reflection, I think he's doing extraordinarily well here, understanding that he not only needs to lift the bottle to his mouth, but actually tip it to get the contents. And then of course the contents itself, drinking and swallowing is a whole other achievement in its own right. Working on it.


Candi said...

Way to go Reuben! How exciting that he is doing so well with his tasting and sipping too! I think Sam and Gus learned to hold their bottles just as they turned a year old then we switched to sippy cups the day after their birthday. Luke pulls his to his mouth every once and a while, but that is it.

ellen charge said...

wow so great whohooooo