Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First stand, first step

So I thought I'd see how Reu likes it on his feet, not having tried it much in PT, by having him stand against the bed. Not only did he quite enjoy it, putting his weight on his feet, but he took his first step too whilst leaning on the bed. Now that really was a cool thing to have captured on vid. Perhaps we'll just skip tummy time and crawling, mama and head for the big one.

I'm not too excited in the background, am I, really.

Thanks to Iain and Carole for the groovy new outfit he's wearing.


Eva Nichole said...

How cute is he great job Reuben!! Its amazing how we as parents have to push to try new things with our kids that the therapists and doctors never think of doing.
Keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

how marvelous

Geraldine said...

Now didn't I tell you this little lad would fill you with wonder at all his achievements, against all the odds! It's great to hear he's taking to the bottle and swallowing and being upright so instinctively. Well done Reuben!!
Lots of love Geraldine and Markx

Lisa said...

Way to go, Reu!!!!

The Waggoner Family said...

Wow! Such a wonderful accomplishment for such a little guy! Way to go Reuben!

Ericap said...

Wonderful and to catch that moment on video camera too! Without a doubt, he has and is proving with his strong spirit that he can do whatever and more, that you challenge him with. Keep making miracles Reuben.


Sharon Bance said...

Hi Catherine, what a clever little guy you have there, that was definitely a step. He is definitely determined as well as brave and I'm sure will continue to astound you. Lots of love xx