Friday, January 11, 2008

What should we get to encourage standing n walking?

So my question is, for CHARGE and "medically uninteresting" parents, what would be a good thing to get on the toy front to encourage him to stand and eventually walk? The interesting thing since Reu was born is that everyone else did the developmental toy thinking on our behalf with the wonderful gifts, so me actively thinking of what would help is a bit of a new thing. I'll ask PT (physical therapy) too. We have this Tigger Doorway Jumper, but have been discouraged from using it because his tendency would be to bring his legs to his chest.

Is this the right sort of thing (I know there'll be lots of steps to get there):

More on the standing front today and this has become one bit of therapy that he really enjoys and actively engages in, eyes open, no grimace. Today I let him stand by himself for a little while whilst leaning against the bed, so we've come even further. And last night, Reuben had great fun pulling off Jason's glasses whilst in his standing position, with me helping to keep him in place.

To put this in context, got a lovely note from a friend who happens to have CHARGE saying, "That's pretty impressive for a baby with CHARGE. You are right to be amazed. It took me 4 years to learn how to walk."

I think it also cements the point that syndromatic or not, all our babies develop at their own time and it's distressing when there's a blanket prognosis for all.


ellen charge said...

hmmmmmmmm ur doing so great with him keep doing wat ur doing haveyou tried soem of the toys that eva has on her site go in there and go all the way thru and ull see soem great pics of stuff she uses that i tht i think hed love love ya

Eva Nichole said...

You have every right to be impressed, Eva is about to be 3 and just started to stand and we are still working on the walking part of it all.
Keep up the great work!
That toy (or any toy that a child can stand with and push) is perfect for him.
Crystal and Eva