Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Never say never

A child born of whom his early critics declared to our desperation, he may not walk, he may not talk, he may not swallow, he may not see, he will not hear (not even a maybe there), he may not go home.

Today we're marvelling at his ability to support himself for a precious moment on outstretched feet after 5 of his 8 months were spent flat on his back in intensive care. It is truly astounding.

Our little man continues to defy the odds set by the professionals who know so much, and yet can never truly understand the strength of the human spirit.


Eva Nichole said...

I know the feeling and its amazing isn't it!! They told us when I was 5 months along with Eva she would not even live to be born and here she is about to have her 3rd birthday not that is amazing.
We have vert strong and wonderful kids.
Crystal and Eva

Candi said...

You had to fight so hard to get the doctors to give Reuben the help he deserved. It must make moments like this all the more wonderful. He is an amazing little boy.

ellen charge said...

never say nevr is rite but then he couldnt do it with outyou wonderful people that i no

Kristi said...

I haven't been on in ages (Holidays and a defective hard drive on the new laptop) and look what good news I find!

I look forward to reading more!

Catherine, I am so sorry I haven't been able to return your call... this is my best time of day and it's nearly 11:30pm... didn't think you'd appreciate that!
I am so glad to see you went to the signing class! That's wonderful! :-) Keep it up!
Talk to you soon! Can't wait to see what else I find as I catch up on here...


Amélie Mia Chan said...

Amazing progess for Reuben, isnt it wonderful when our children do defy the makes me smile lots.

When Amélie was resuscitated aged 11 months after two arrests they put the adrenaline into her bone marrow to get her going as peripherally she was shut down, (intra-ossious) they told us she would be brain damaged from the lack of oxygen as it was along 12 and 5 minutes...she woke from sedation 18 days later and gave me a teeny smile I knew she was her normal self...they are so resiliant and wonderfully brave.

Enjoy every minute of Reubens progress and milestones.

Happy New Year

Love the Chans xxxxxxx