Sunday, February 10, 2008

Doing better on a hot day

Am glad I neither took the Drs nor Jason's advice and rushed back to the ER on Friday. I suggested we wait til morning and after a fantastic sleep, a hot Saturday afternoon brought us up to the Getty. Think Reu's hoping better with this sickness than I am as I had a mammoth 10hrs last night and Jason had very little suctioning to do all night with Reu. It's on its way out.

Up at the Getty it was scorching in the sun. Enroute, the bikini brigade are out in force again in SoCal, riding their bikes in their skimpy bikinis and the lad's T-shirt suntans are ever present.

The views from the Getty are quite spectacular on an exceptionally clear day. Hot winter days are the best that LA has to offer, devoid of the too sultry air that characterises the Summers. You can see in one direction the Pacific, the Santa Monica Bay and beyond, the lush masses of the Channel Islands. To the East, the snow capped peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains, the Greek Observatory, the towering cities of Century City and Downtown in exceptional clarity, the vast urban sprawl. We had lunch overlooking the pristine mountain backdrop amongst the bourgainvillea climbers with a lovely glass of crisp, white, apply wine. Reu flutters his hands through potted bamboo, looks up at the spindly bareness of the birch trees against a quite cobalt sky, begs you to massage his two! front teeth, shuns from the reflective sun on the marble and refuses to wear his sunglasses until he realises they're doing him some good and sleeps beautifully after every feed.


Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see his choppers!!! xo
-Jennifer 'n Jaxon

ellen charge said...

such a gorgous picture u paint that i can see it myself U GOTTA LOVE THE PAIFIC OCEAN i live on it down here in aus and my expance of it is justso gorgous so blue so clear ahhhhhhhhh heave cant take my coogee away from me no wonder mums firend wanted to come back to aus she missed her pacific lol she used to face the other one in the us she was near ny so wat ever ocean that is near i get all confusedover there and she nos it to she only lived there twenty something years and an original aussie mum knew her thru antoher firneds now shes like an aunty but anyway wat i was saying is even she would get thatpic u told like a smak in the face lol those who grew up looking at our little pice of paradise never getssick ofit i reckon love u