Monday, February 11, 2008

OT & swallow study

Started OT (occupational therapy) at the regional centre for oral feeding and fine motor skill development with Juliana.

Juliana confirmed Reu's suck and swallow motion which makes me feel more positive about Wednesday's swallow study at Children's, albeit with the understanding that we need radiology to determine exactly which route the oral feeds are taking to arrive at the stomach. Juliana has also taken on the role of working specifically on Reu's ability to sit, which compliments our PT (physical therapist) Carrie's work on gross motor development, now 2x a week and being upped to 3x a week. She also discussed setting some clear milestones and I personally respond very well to that.

It was reassuring to hear her positives from the session, Reu in a new place with a new team member clearly "enthusiastic" for new tastes and experiences (although he was a little dubious about the vibrating toothbrush type thing). Reu likes self discovery at his own pace. Place a teething ring in his hands or mouth and he may not take to it, but allow him to take it from you and then put it in his mouth, Reu in charge, and it works great. He's receptive to tastes, personal favourites being soy sauce, HP sauce, Tommy K and marmite (or perhaps the latter's me imposing my taste on my son). He has nimble fingers and has a keen eye for detail, with an enjoyment of studying the tags on toys intently.

It'll be interesting comparing results with Lucas and Max's recent swallow studies. We're starting at first base. Any physical evidence of swallowing safely will be greatly enjoyed. I guess the trach helps on that front in that we can see through suctioning whether he's aspirating (food going into the lungs) and by venting the Gtube whether the contents have safely arrived in the stomach, which, during our tastings at home, they generally do.

It's a busy week ahead with an update with Dr Charlie, our paediatrician at Children's, baby sign class and PT all tomorrow. I thank God that Reu has immense patience and takes all this faffing around in his stride.

Reu's currently watching Thomas the Tank for the first time, a lovely gift from his nurse Christine, with the little No.1 train which Yuka and Scottie gave him many months ago in the NICU nestling in his hands, the wheels going round, his two little teeth peering through on occasion when he smiles at me. He's an absolute joy of a boy!


ypersico said...

oh your post brings me such joy - joy to see how Reuben in all his fullness and love continues to amaze and unfold and expand - it is a miracle how a small child - more than one could ever have dreamed of - can expand in their presence and yet never have been less than complete. magnificent! love,y (so happy too that he is being indoctrinated to Thomas as well! - such happy memories for us~!)

ellen charge said...

so great u have a good person on ur team love u more

Mighty Max! said...

Love hearing the joy of your heart pour through your words! Thank you for sharing...and keep us posted on the studies.